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Sub_2_Skeppy's suggestion

 Started by Sub_2_Skeppy

I think you should add a vanish command.When you type /v and you are invisible for the players.It's based on ranks.You can make it if you're an admin you can see everyone exept the owner or you can make the admins see everyone.Mods can see mods while they are in vanish, but not higher ranked players.You can make it for the VIP, MVP and ZYREX ranked people.VIP.MVP AND ZYREX can see only VIP.MVP AND ZYREX , but they can't see Mods,Admins and the Owner or someone who has a higher rank than the players who bought a rank.

By Sub_2_Skeppy, 9 months ago x 1

/v already exists and its only for youtubers and staff members.Donors have no reason to be in /v

By hamburgerrr, 9 months ago


By Splart, 9 months ago
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