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Report For VandmelonStrafe

 Started by gOwOrge

1. What's your In-Game name?: gOwOrge

2. What's the rulebreaker's In-Game name?: VandmelonStrafe

3. What rule did he/she broke?: Verbal Abuse / Disrespect

4. Screenshot(s)/Video(s) for evidence: Yes

5. Any extra information?: He has been disrespectful to me just for calling him a pedo for a joke and he took it personal.He is seriously disrespectful to some other players too and has been muted i think several times and warned several times.He has evaded a mute and is seriously too irresponsible.

By hamburgerrr, about 1 year ago x 1

This player should be perm-muted. 
This is sufficient evidence. 

Good luck tho!
-Splart (Active Discord, Forums and In-Game Member)

By Splart, about 1 year ago
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Imagini pentru green tick  

By JmektaKill, about 1 year ago

Thank you for reporting!
The evidence is not sufficient for a perm-mute, however, the player will be punished appropriately.
~Thread Locked

By ChlckenNugget, about 1 year ago