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Neymar11__JR Combatlog (exploit)

 Started by QueStrocy

1. What's your In-Game name?: QueStrocy
(Your IGN)

2. What's the rulebreaker's In-Game name?: Neymar11__JR
(His/her IGN)

3. What rule did he/she broke?:  He Combatloggeed (Used an exploit)
(Rule that the person broke)

4. Screenshot(s)/Video(s) for evidence: (Sorry for the bad quality)

5. Any extra information?: 
(Extra information if needed.)

By QueStrocy, about 1 year agoLast edited: about 1 year ago

Denied as the offense isn't severe enough to issue punishment.

By ChlckenNugget, about 1 year ago x 1