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0b2 Staff application
What's your IGN:  My username is 0b2

How old are you: I am 14 y/o

What is your discord username (with #ID): Dawn#2661

How long have you been on
zyrex? (do /timeplayed): 7H 17m 55s

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: VIP

What's your timezone: Central

What country are you from: United states

How often can you be online: I usually play for 3 hours a day on school days but on weekends I can play for 4-5 Hours

Why do you want to be staff here?: I wan't to be staff here because I think that I can grow personally by allways putting the best me at times and I think a good start to developing that in real life is minecraft. Also I don't personally think that there is alot of hackers but I hope to always have a sharp eye out for them. Even now I respond to all the messages I get in game.

What do you think being a Moderator
 involves?: Moderator means to me a person that you can look up to, someone that you can trust to talk to. If you have a problem a staff is the first person you look to. I want to be the person that when if someone is causing problems I want to be able to solve the problem. For example a ingame problem like someone stole a pickaxe I could try to talk the person into returning the pickaxe with being kind and not being agressive. Continuing on the pickaxe example I will also make sure that the person is staying calm like not spamming because they are frustrated. In the end I just want to help people and I want to get better personally at being kind.

Extra information?: I am in 8th grade and I play football. I make straight A's and I would say I'm personally a good student. I don't cause problems with my peers and I have never got a detention. When I'm not playing minecraft I might be playing with friends or doing stuff in real life like doing homework or spending time with my family. I've recently gotten into cooking I can cook basic stuff like breakfast and dinner. In football I play linebacker, also I wont be able to play any time before 5:pm Centeral on Wednesdays because I have a chess club afterschool. Overall I think I'm a good person outside of school I'm athletic I'm respectful and I try to put on the best me 100% of the time.

I Hope you consider this application. 
Sincerely, Josh

over 2 years ago