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3_A Application For Staff.


Whats Your IGN: It is currently 3_A.

How Old Are You: 13 (I thought 13 could be close enough)

Whats Your Discord Name: My Discord name is currently Faithful_Panderr#6421

What Is Your TimePlayed: 6 Hours by the time your reading this.

Whats Your Rank: I am currently Member+

Whats Your TimeZone:  I am currently in the timezone of (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada), and I doubt that that will change anytime soon.

I assure you that I will be playing on this server as much as possible in my free time if I am chosen. This will be beneficial for the players as there will most likely be Mods on the server most of the time. This is because I want to keep the chat controlled and let everyone have the best experience possible on ExodusFacs, without having to deal with abusers when Staff are not present to take care of the situation. I don't consider the job done or I won't leave the server, until all players are happy and they play fairly and nicely.

What Contury Are You From: United States.


What Role Would You Want: I would really appreciate if i became a moderater.

Why do you want to be a Mod?: I want to be Mod for several reasons. I don't want Mod just to mess around with commands, or brag about my awesome prefix, I actually want to help people. I would like to help ban hackers and keep this community good, i would like to keep everyone following the rules, Messing around might be fun but thats not why im here im trying to make/keep this comunity extremely good and not to mess around.

How many hours can you contribute on an average day?: On most weekdays, I should be online for at least an 3-4 Hours, I'm usually online for around 3-6 hours though. On weekends, I could be on for 34 hours if I wanted. On weekends, I'm normally on for around maybe 15 hours? sometimes even up to 18. If i had my phone on me I would use MineChat when I don't have access to a computer or if I'm asleep. I may take some breaks up to an hour if my eyes get strained or I feel like walking to the shops or something.


Why Should We Pick You Over Others: Well, you see theres going to be alot of people that will abuse their roles and lied on their application, also they might not do what they were "meant" to do. You see i would never do anything even close to abuse Moderater others might.


Does anyone else have access to your Minecraft account:
No, for sure not.

What Would You Do As A Moderator:

If I become a Moderator, I would provide everything I could with the power and rank. I will ensure that the game is free from cheaters and hackers and that the chat is well moderated. Uncalled for toxicity, harassment, and bullying of any sort would remain in check. (I understand that one can use /censor but that /ignore does not work.) And I will continue to give help to anyone in need. With the moderator status, I would no longer put full priority over myself, but it would be over the community and server.

Do you generally know how all the staff member commands work?
Yes. I actually played  on a couple of my friends servers and watch alot of minecraft videos from owners and they use the commands and i know.

Additional information:

I take on a very harsh view on any kind of harrassment or bullying due to the experiences I have suffered through the past. From these experiences, I have obtained the ability to recognize bullying or harassment should it take place, and will be proficient when dealing with it. If an issue were to arise, I would most likely be online to deal with it. I'm always helpful and quick to respond to any messages that I see, and will always enforce the rules to the best of my abilities.

I am not that good at working with redstone, I am good at following videos so If you need any redstone stuff tested or need some redstone contraptions to be built, I can attempt to fulfill the task I am given. As I said earlier I will not participate in any jobs out of my job range or things that are against the rules! I will do the best I can to keep the server safe and happy!

The rules breakers who do what the feel like doing, to me are not good players and have no netiquette what so ever. The rules breakers such as spammers, hackers, cursers, etc will be dealt with and warned at first and if the warning is ignored then a mute or a tempban if needed. I think I can improve the server by stopping the rules breakers and making the server happier and have more people play on it to make it popular and the best server ever!


Also i added some of my questions.  Hope I Get Accepted :)




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