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Staff Application
-1, lacks detail in my opinion!
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9MB's Staff Application
What's your IGN:

How old are you:

What is your discord username (with #ID):

How long have you been on Zyrex? (do /timeplayed):
Approximately 50 minutes.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:
I don't have a rank, however soon I think I'll be purchasing one to help me continue and support the server.

What's your timezone:

What country are you from:
Poland, but I live in England.

How often can you be online:
1-4 hours a day.

Why do you want to be staff here?:
I've heard Zyrex is looking for staff, and it's a great Skyblock server, so I'd love to contribute, and make it better than it already is! I haven't seen many moderators/helpers on the server, therefore, thought it'd be a good idea to try and help out and add an extra member to the team. When I first joined, I loved the community, I loved pretty much everything. But I feel like there are a lot of things missings that I could deliver/recommend to create the best Skyblock experience there is. I started playing Minecraft in 2011 and since have a lot of staff experience and game knowledge itself which can be used to help others and solve problems in Zyrex. (This 9MB account is my main account however my 2nd account: KacperDzn - which I don't use - was created in 2011). I used to own my own factions server called Wooden Egg Craft in 2015. We used to receive around 30-100 players on at all times and had a little but growing community. We eventually closed permanently due to a lack of funds to run everything we had going on and not enough time to due to school studies. I've also been head-admin of Fatality Prisons and moderator/helper of many other servers that I do not remember of the top of my head. (I took a one year break recently from Minecraft which is why I can not remember these servers, however, I am still very familiar with all my responsibilities and commands.

What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves?:
I think that being a Moderator on Zyrex involves punishing players for breaking the rules. E.g. hacking, exploiting, spamming, verbal abuse etc.
If someone was hacking, I would screen record, get a higher positioned staff member, and then eventually ban them for the type of hacks they were using, to make sure it was 100% what I think it was. For exploiting, I would find out what they are exploiting, how they are doing it, get some evidence, and then ban them/Island reset, and send the information over to an admin+. For spamming, I would screenshot it, then permanently mute them. And for verbal abuse, I would also permanently mute/ban them. Another responsibility of mine if I were a moderator would be to welcome new members and set a high standard of maturity to create a good first impression to the members. This will encourage them to stay and they will feel welcome in the community, I will also help out those new players with any command inquiries or general Minecraft knowledge inquiries. I will also make sure to enforce rules strictly throughout the server and promote and maintain peace to make sure it's a friendly and suitable server experience for everyone! As a Moderator I will also stay active on the Forums and Discord and interacting with others on the platforms.

Extra information?:
P.S I do understand I haven't been playing for long however I do feel I can do a great job and if this application gets denied that will not stop me from helping out in the chat, discord, and forums anyways. 

Thanks for reading,
- Kacper (9MB).
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