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BabYourAFirework's Indroduction
Hello, my name is Alex. Or you may know me in-game as, BabYourAFirework. I am a hard working student who likes to be staff on new servers because they have the most potential. I have been previous staff on Mineverse, SynicalCraft, TheGamers, and Hypixel when it came out. I usually don't like to mention Hypixel when I apply for staff because even though it may seem like "oh he was staff on hypixel he must be good", thats not the case. I have never been staff on a SkyBlock server but I want to learn how to be one. I am not staff on any other servers atm because of school. I got a D- in my class and I was focusing on school for a month or 2 and I decided to resign on all of my servers. I am looking forward to getting to know you guys as you all seem very polite. You will see me in-game as BabYourAFirework, or you can DM me on forums. Have a good day/night. slight_smile

Your's truly,
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BabYourAFirework's Moderator Application (Trial-Mod)

What's your IGN:  My in-game name currently is BabYourAFirework.

How old are you: I know. I would have to be 14 to be making this but my current age is 13. I have not yet hit puberty and yet I still am more mature than most people that are over the age of 16. I'm hoping you may make an acception of letting me be staff as although I am not 14, I am polite and mature.

What is your discord username (with #ID): My discord username is BabYourAFirework#0577

What is your /timeplayed?: Sadly, this could ruin my application, I have just started this server and see the potential that it has as a SkyBlock server. I am although trying to put as much time as I can in to it, as I am trying to become staff and become a active member.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: I just currently have the Member+ rank. I have not bought a rank and have not had enough time on the server to yet buy a rank.

What's your timezone?: My timezone is Mountain Time (MTN) 2 Hours before EST.

What country are you from?: I am from the United States.

How often can you be online?: I can be online from about 7-12 hours per day depending on if i'm busy or not.

Why do you want to be staff here?:  I want to become staff on this server, Zyrex, because it seems like a server with amazing potential. You don't see as many skyblock servers out here anymore. Disregarding Archon, and other big, popular skyblock servers. I can bring players, and that can benefit us because they might want to donate and help the server stay up, and they can help us get bigger and bigger. I am pretty known on a lot of servers that are growing and are big. Viper, Mineverse, Hypixel, Mineman, others. I am also friends with a decent amount of youtubers who can record on the server and make the server more popular. I can also detect the difference between a legit player and closet cheater, or if they are duping/hacking.

What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?:

- Loyalty
- Honesty 
- Trust
- Courage
- Activeness
- Polite
- Being kind and not toxic
- Knowing how to do the job correctly
- Using common sense
- Maturity

Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I think you should pick me over other applicants because I am a mature, honest, trustworthy 13 year old, who actually cares for the server. For others this is the first time being a mod, for me, it's not my first rodeo. I was Admin/Executive on a server called SynicalCraft. Sadly everybody was demoted and the server was shut down. I have also been Manager on a server called TheGamers but the owner decided to sell staff ranks to players. Since he decided to sell those ranks I resigned. I was Manager on a server in the making, but the Owner couldn’t make enough money to hold the server up. On “SynicalCraft” we had only a few players but every now and then, closet cheaters and hackers would pop on. We had at max on Synical, 30 players. TheGamers had about 30 players too, but usually there would be hackers online and Mods abusing.

Extra information?: If I make my baseball All-Stars team I may not be able to put as much time and it'll last for about 2-3 weeks and my time being able to be played will lower to about 5-8 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. Oh, and i'm sorry for being 13. I am still mature even though I have not hit puberty. Please take the time to review my application and think about it. Sincerely, 
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