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Staff Application [EU]

What's your IGN:


How old are you:


What is your discord username (with #ID):


What is your /timeplayed?:

I have 1h of playtime

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:

No i do not

What's your timezone?:


What country are you from?:


How often can you be online?:

Summer schedule,
Monday: 7-8 hours 
Tuesday: 7-8 hours 
Wednesday: 7-8 hours
Thursday: 7-8 hours 
Friday 8-10 hours 
Saturday: 8-10 hours 
Sunday: 7-8 hours 

School schedule,

Monday: 5-6 hours 
Tuesday 5-6 hours 
Wednesday: 5-6 hours 
Thursday: 5-6 hours 
Friday: 6-8 hours
Saturday: 8-10 hours 
Sunday: 7-8 hours


Why do you want to be staff here?:

There are numerous reasons why I want to become staff on zyrex. Firstly, I want to be apart of a server that surpasses the player count of every other server I was previously staff on so I can challenge myself even further from what I was doing before. Secondly, with a large number of players it will give me the ability to do more support rooms frequently and yes most people would say that they don't enjoy doing support rooms because they feel like it's one of the chores in being a staff member but I beg to differ, if I can help a player with there issue and for them to say thank you it genuinely makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. I also feel that this staff team works hard and works together which I have felt was lacking from my previous staff positions but to have the opportunity to work alongside great people would be amazing. I also like how there are quite a few European staff members that I can work with at the time when I'm on this is another thing that zyrex could provide that other servers could not. I also want to get rid of the toxicity that surrounds every server because I strongly dislike players that can be extremely toxic towards anybody and think they can get away with it. The same can be said about cheaters they think that they can ruin a players time and get away with it really frustrates me. Lately, I have been extremely motivated and really want to get back into staffing and to have the ability to get a staff position on a server like zyrex would be fantastic. I also feel I'm not the best player in the game and with that I kind of lose enjoyment that's another reason why I want to be staff on zyrex because I would consider staffing to be a hobby of mine. Lastly, I want to be able to do something productive with my day rather than sit about and do nothing it would be rewarding to even get cheaters off the network make the server chat as toxic free as I can or even just make someones day in a support room would make me feel like I accomplished something.

What do you think being a Moderator on
zyrex involves?:

There are countless reasons why you should consider accepting me on zyrex  due to my experience, my activity or my strive to do the best I can in life and in whatever I do. I also feel being EU will give me the opportunity to be on when American staff are not


Most of the servers I have been staff on I have been with them from the beginning to the end. I feel a lot of players nowadays just do it for the rank and not because they genuinely want to improve the server and make it a better place that is why I have been staff on only a few servers. I also feel that I can raise my effort and consistently do my job as a staff member to the best of my ability even if there are issues going on behind the scenes I will always put in 100%


In life, I strive to be a generally calm person even if a person is bothering me, for example, being rude or being physical I try to be calm and resolve the issue rather than swearing or hitting them back. I try to imply that into being a staff member that's why I feel I'm good at support rooms because if a person is being rowdy I would take the situation nicely and calmly. If I was put under pressure I would be sure to stay calm and resolve the issue significantly and quickly.

Work Ethic

I think I have a great work ethic for the age of 15. I feel I am mature and that I have a hard working mentality to do the best I possibly can do and the work ethic will never decrease even if there is a situation going on with the server as I stated earlier.


If a number of staff members are online helping players in game and doing their job in keeping the server clean as possible that would not give me the a reason to slack off I would either go into TeamSpeak and do support rooms or even just go onto different hubs and work there or even help a staff member and assist them the best way I can.


As a person in real life and in-game I feel I can handle stressful situations very well I think that's where my calmness comes in. For the situations that I feel stressed in all I do is first resolve the incident secondly go to the kitchen and get a bottle of water and take a small break and come back ready to continue.


As cringe-worthy as it sounds, I actually care about my co-workers and the players if they are going through a difficult situation I try my best to be there for them even though I have never met the person in real life.


I think respect is an important trait that all staff members should have I do believe that if you give respect you will gain respect if a player came on and they were being very respectful I would treat them with respect. I respect anybody's decision on life and in-game if I was to be demoted off a server I would respect there decision rather through a tantrum over it and try my best to implement their advice into my real life.


I think multi-tasking is another good trait for being a staff member but to multi-task well is a different story. This is something that I have practiced for a while and I now can say that I can multitask fast and significantly. For example, helping players in Teamspeak and spectating sketchy players I feel I can speak and watch at the same time pretty well and I think it's something that a lot of applicants don't have. 


Helping people is something that I really enjoy doing rather it is helping them in Teamspeak or even making their zyrex experience better is something that puts a smile on my face.


Let's say that I felt that I worked hard and for example promotion day comes and a staff member that I felt put less work in than me and got promoted I wouldn't just go and complain to a manager I would congratulate them and give them the same treatment the same way I would want to be treated.


I think my activity will be strong and it will give me more of a chance to do my job correctly. I am also European so I will have the ability to moderate chat and ban cheaters when other staff members are offline.


I consider myself a very mature person I never joke around in serious moments and I always take my job very seriously. Now I do like to joke around with friends but whenever I think maturity is a very good trait to have for any staff member in my opinion.


I am very experienced in screen sharing I have been ss verified on every server I have been staff on and I know how to find hacked clients easily without using an ss tool.

Personally I believe I have a good understanding of how to be a good staff member at all times. I understand how a staff member is supposed to act at all times. This is something I believe unexperienced applicants struggle with but I believe my experience is enough to have the correct understanding that each staff member on zyrex has.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?: 

I believe you should choose me because although the other applicants have the same amount or even better skills then me I can contribute a lot of Effort into making your server better. I could contribute ever  building (If you need help) or even helping EVEN MORE stop hackers. I am a fair player on zyrex if there was ever a conflict between two players I will hear both sides

Extra information?:

If you have any tips on how I can make my application better feel free to comment.​

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