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Budussy Staff Application




time played-(on this account 1 hour 18 minutes,last password to old account had near 12 hours logged)

timezone-North America Eastern

country- United States

How often can you be online?-on monday thru friday it would be 3:30-10 pm

Why Do I Want To Be Staff?-because I have been staff on multiple servers,big names include Mineplex,Mineswine,GTAMC,and saicopvp.I feel like the staff are rarely on and when they are its only chicken nugget.

what do you think being a mod involves?-well from personal experience I can say being a mod involves dedication to a greater good and the will and compassion to help others and not take the permissions you have for granted.Along with that,being a active player with a good reputation and people can count on you to do the right things.

why should you pick me?-Because I am a former staff member on many servers,also I have experience with the basic commands along with the ability to moderate and handle given situations with ease.

What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves?-the ability to stay active along with being a polite and welcoming new players due to decrease in online players it needsd as much playerbase as it can.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?:My Past experience with big servers,also my ability to be 100% ready for the job the second and i get it.Also my ability to welcome new players and hook them into to playing the server.


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