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CaptinFoxey's Developer Applycation
Age? My age is 14
How long have you ben playing Minecraft for? I have ben playing  for 3 years and i have started playing minecraft in 2017 and this is my fourth year.
IGN: CaptinFoxey
Discord Name? My discord name is CaptinFoxey#9105.
What rank are you applying for? I am applying for Developer. I know how to code Java and i am currently working on a plugin thats GUI Based and it will make giving players permissions easer and Faster.
Any past staff experinces? Yes i have ben a Admin but after a few months the sevrer got shut down Because it was not getting as much players. I was a Deverloper for a server Then i go Promotion to Co-Owner so i am currently a Co-Owner on a server and I would like to help other servers as well as Helping my server as well that I am Co-Owner on.
Any Additonal things you would like to say? Yes That the plugins that i developed on the Server i am co-owner on i cant give you those plugins because they are private.
 I have ben playing for an hour i think and My timezone is US East
about 1 year ago