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16 year old that loves Minecraft!
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Cloraz Staff Application - [EST]

IGN- Cloraz

Age: 16

Discord Tag: Cloraz#0154

Time Played: My current time played is 1d 1h 40m 2s

Rank: None, but am planning to get VIP

Timezone: EST

Country: North America

Availability: I'm able to be online around 4-5 hours a day. Once school starts I have basketball and will only be able to be on for 3 hours on the weekdays, possibly longer. Weekends I will be able to be on 6+ hours each day.

Why do I want to be staff? I would love to be staff on Zyrex for the main reason that this is my favorite server. A lot of players ask questions and often receive no answers because there is no staff on at that time. I feel that with me being staff, I can provide a more "around-the-clock" role on the team and be able to help the fellow players with anything they may need help with. While I do offer as much help to players as I can, I do not have the necessities to help all players with their issues, and with me being a part of the staff on this fine server would provide me with the necessities I need to help all players with any issues, and provide the server with a staff member that is online when most staff are offline. What can I say, I just really enjoy helping the rest of the server.

What do I believe being a Moderator on Zyrex means? I believe that being a Moderator on Zyrex means being able to communicate with the players, being able to resolve problems with/among the players, and providing answers/solutions to any player who is questioning possible complications/bugs/glitches within the server at that time. I also believe it means being active within the forums and Discord server answering questions from players and helping/conversating with the players to build a better bond between the player and the staff team to make a better overall community. Being a Moderator also includes being able to help players with any bugs and reporting anything to the higher roles on the staff team so that they can fix the issue/s at hand. Having this role on the staff team also includes teamwork and working together to help improve the servers community and allowing the server to strive and obtain a huge player count while also maintaining consistent and constant help, answers, communication, and resolutions to the players. 

Why you should pick me over other applicants: I truly believe I am a more suited applicant for this role on the server as I have been part of 3 different staff teams in the past in which I lasted many many months before stepping down. I am online during times when no other staff are online so it will give the server more help than previously. I am also familiar with the rules and guidelines the server has so I already have a basic knowledge of what people can and cannot do, and how to handle certain situations. My biggest claim for why I should be picked as Moderator for this server among other applicants is that I will be the person that players come to when an issue emerges or when something among the server/players happens and I will be able to handle whatever is wrong. Of course Jake would have to be the person to contact about bugs, lost items/items that were not received, or anything that has to do internally. But I can provide the help and services for the players that some staff members are too busy or not able to handle at that current time. I feel that I myself can make the server a much greater place for all players, staff, and future players to come!

Extra Information: Some extra information about myself is that during the school year, the weekdays maybe a little bit of an issue for availability as it may decrease from 4-6 hours a day to 3-5 hours a day depending on what is going on with my classes and sports. While I can guarantee I will be on at least 3 hours a day, I cannot guarantee I will be on longer than that, but I will most likely always be able to be on longer. I also play basketball, so about 2 days out of every week for about 3 months, I will most likely only be able to be on for 2 hours those days, the other days in those weeks I will be on for a minimum of 3 hours. I am a very friendly person who would love to become friends with the entire staff team and the entirety of the servers community as well. I feel like I will become a very positive presence in the server and I can't wait to see how successful the server becomes.

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