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CookItUp / Lxcid's Staff Application #2 Revised
Still trying to get the Lxcid account back
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CookItUp / Lxcid's Staff Application #2 Revised
What is your IGN: 
Current Ign : CookItUp as the old account Lxcid was stolen
How old are you:
What is your discord username (with #ID):
How long have you been onzyrex? (do /timeplayed):
I have played over 12 hours on zyrex, and am continuing to play on the server when I have the time to do so. However I believe that this should not affect my chances of becoming staff as I can bring a lot of things to the server besides having a lot of playtime, that may even out some aspects of not having much playime on the server. For example Maturity for me is a deal breaker on whether or not to accept someone as a staff member, being mature is the biulding block for other attributes that develope over time. Furthermore If I do happen to become staff on Zyrex, I will be spending more time helping out the server, forums, and teamspeak. 
Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:
I currently do not have a rank on zyrex, therefore member rank
What's your timezone:
What country are you from:
Canada, West Coast
How often can you be online:
Monday 2-3
Tuesday 2-3
Wednesday 2-3
Thursday 2-3
Weekends / Friday's 
Friday 4 +
Saturday 4 +
Sunday 4 +
(Schedule may depend on sports and homework)
Why do you want to be staff here?:
You should choose me because I am very experienced in staffing. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge in staffing and creating a fun and fair atmosphere for the players, and fellow staff members. Below I have listed the following servers I have been staff on.
Translator | SagePvP
I was accepted as a translator on but didn't take the postition as I was very busy with sport's at the time. Translator is not really a staff position, but is more helping people out with language barriers. But I wanted to include it, as it is a more known server than some of these might be.
Helper | Skybounds
Here I helped moderate a very well known skyblock server, owned by the YouTuber BajanCanadian. My job was to keep chat clean.
Moderator | Skytropia (SS verified)
Here is another semi-popular skyblock server that had shut down after the owner ruined it. I was very active on the forums and helping people out in game. I was in the process of being promoted to admin but the server shut down.
Admin | CobraHCF
Here is a not to known HCF server that I was staff on. Here I was constantly spectating people who were reported and helped out in TeamSpeak and moved whenever I was on.
You should accept me as a staff member for the following reasons. I am very respectful and obedient, and I am hard working. I can prove that too. I am very open to others opinion. Whether I like it or, not I will take it into consideration, unlike most other people. I will be honest, kind, caring, and I have a passion for things I work on. I promise, if you choose me, I will bring my best effort and work into the field.
I believe as if my experience stands out from others as I have much of at and some of the servers being quite popular. During my experience, I have learned many tips and tricks that I think would be very valuable for the Zyrex community. My knowledge of overall Minecraft and Skyblock also stands out about me because I have been playing Minecraft for about 6 years and Skyblock for almost 4 years. This is very important for a staff member to have knowledge because they cannot false ban or falsely accuse someone, and if they do they probably didn't know better. Skyblock knowledge is especially important for the same reasons.
I feel as if I am very much more respectful than others. I have never been in trouble at my school because I am respectful, and I am very respectful towards my elders and my superiors. This is very important for not only a staff member but for a staff team. As a staff member, I would be as respectful as I can be towards my superiors and elders, just like in real life. Respect is very important to me because it is important to my family. My stepdad was in the military so he learned major respect there. Then he brought it to my family. This is also good when staff for helping out others, you need to be kind and show sympathy for them.
I am very obedient. I always do what I am told, and when I am told. Whenever someone tells me to do something I do it right away. This was also brought to my family through my stepdad and has stuck with us since he joined us. Obedience is very key as a lower staff member. I learned this through my experience, because if you are very obedience, respectful, and do your job well, then you will get promoted.
I am very hard working. I had my first job at 13 where I got paid minimum wage. Then because of my hard work, this past fall I got promoted and now I earn 11 dollars/hour. Hard-Working is a very important characteristic not only for a staff member but for a staff team. This is because all of the members need to be on task and efficient. This will help the staff team be a lot more smooth and get a job done more efficiently and in a better way.
I am very fair. Im my previous experiences, I have made my goal to make the server as fair as possible. This is by banning unfair advantages​
(hackers) and make it an overall better experience. I also am not biased towards anyone. If one of my friends comes into TeamSpeak asking me to unban him, I pledge on my honor that I will treat him the same as all others. If you show a little empathy and you would want the same done to you. Just because you have connections with staff doesn't mean you get treated differently. This is very important to me and what I do as staff because I try to make it as enjoyable as possible.
I am a very good listener. I wait till everyone is done talking before I talk. Whenever a superior person is talking to me, I pay attention to everything. I hear everyone's perspective and take it all into consideration. This is very important to me as a staff member because again, it is being fair.
What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?:
Being a Moderator on zyrex involves the following:
Active in Forums
Being active in the forums is an important part to being a staff member as you can awnser questions, if there are any. You can also give reason why you are +1 or -1 someone's staff application, media application, builder application, etc... this is important to help the staff manager(s) get a better idea of who fits the postition best as a staff member.
Active on the server
Being active on the server is definetly a important part to being a staff member on zyrex because you want to be catching hackers and the more time you spend on the server the more hackers you might catch. Im not necessarily saying that being afk in the hub for 9 hours a day is better than having 3 hours during the day where you're helping on players on the server.
Active In TeamSpeak
Being active in teamspeak is important because when players want to report a hacker or just even have a simple question about the server . You want to be able to be there when needed. Staff meetings are also similar being there on time for staff meetings or given a reason you might be late or not there.
Being a non toxic staff member is a really important part to helping the server grow as you want players to feel welcome to the server and want them to log back into the server, knowing that the staff members are nice and helpful, also when talking to other staff members they want you to be kind to them and be respectful.
Lastly being obedient is also a important part of being a staff member as the owner's of the server and fellow staff members want you to respects the rules of the server and not break them. Doing as the higher staff tell them is a key part to being a good listener which is also super important in a Zyrex staff member.
Extra information?:
Thanks for taking your time to consider my staff application.
-Sincerely CookItUp / Lxcid 
-ChickenNugget best staff member.
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