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either way, im quitting the server so yea.
4 months ago

Also, how do I not listen to what other staff say? By me saying my opinion on a staff members post is considered not listening to them? Dude please stop already.
4 months ago

I wouldn’t argue with a staff member or imply that he is lying bro. Might lower your chances. 
Overall opinion:
-1 lack of detail
-1 lying about previous staff positions
-1 no reputation among players
-1 disrespectful to players and staff
-1 immaturity
-1 easily angered and overreacts
-1 doesn’t listen to opinions
-1 cocky
-1 doesn’t think before speaking
-1 advertising his application on other forums
-1 toxic towards anybody who doesn’t agree with him
-1 accuses other people of lying... constantly
-1 told me that he hopes my application is denied
-1 doesn’t listen to staff’s or others opinions

i am done here. I am tired of wasting my time and energy making these useless replies and
comments. it’s not like you’ll listen to them anyways. Watch your reply if you make one, Cookie. You know what I said isn’t wrong. Don’t deny it.

it's actually seriously obvious that this kid didn't read the application before he started being toxic. 
4 months ago

You said the same thing 4 times omegalol.
4 months ago

hello. welcome!! <3
4 months ago