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Crunchy's Staff Application
Minecraft IGN CrunchyMC

Age 15

Timezone HGT (+8)

Where do you live? Hong Kong

How long have you been apart ? A long time before the server shut down, and joined back today after i heard of the good news!!!

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: Nope

Have you ever been punished before?
If so, explain. No, As mentioned previously I have been a part of the server for a rather long time, I know for a fact I have never been Banned nor Temp-Banned, I am not 100% sure about any chat offences however I am fairly confident that I have not performed anything that has gotten me punished!

What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?: I am a Hardworking, well-groomed individual who loves working as a team! I have had 3 real life Jobs, in which have all helped me to develop and gain certain attributes and skills which have helped to shape me into the person I am today! Just to name a few…

Teamwork: Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to have been a part of many different teams. These include School Councils, Sports Teams, Leadership teams and even working with colleagues and customers! These experiences have not only shown me how to work as a team, but also the extreme importance of doing so. Teamwork allows for tasks to be carried out more efficiently and more easily, leading to a great final results! Throughout my experiences in teamwork I have been lucky enough to be able to lead some of these teams! I was the captain of my school and lead a State soccer team to win the finals! This experience allowed me to further develop my skills and I would love to incorporate these into the server! Which is a great Segway into my next topic!

Leadership: As I mentioned, Leadership is a very important quality to possess. Leadership in my eyes is not at all bossing people around or forcing people to do things they don’t particularly want to do, however it is taking control of a situation, and being able to confidently give advice on particular events / scenarios! I am not at all a needy or bossy individual however I do know how to take charge and control a situation.

Confidence: Having confidence in yourself and your peers is another great quality I am fortunate enough to possess! Being assertive and confident is very important when explaining something! Being able to explain to a player what they are / are not doing right is very important as it helps them to improve, enhancing their overall experience on Invaded! My confidence is noticeable yet controllable, I make sure I get my point across and control situations however do it in a fair and respectful manner.

Kind / Caring: When you apply for a role like this in my opinion, your concern for the community on the whole is a must. I am a kind and caring young man with a genuine concern for any and all players. I understand that not every player is the same and everyone has unique traits and perceptions. I have been taught to respect these and do my very best in order to try and resolve the situation and get the best outcome for the player. This skill as well as my assertiveness balances out my overall opinions and views which is another reason I think I would be an excellent asset to the Invaded team.

Maturity: Over the course of my life, I have matured into a pretty chill guy. This being said I love mucking around and having a joke with mates. I however know very well when it is appropriate to have a joke and when a serious attitude is needed and a joke is not appropriate. This maturity allows me to communicate with older players whilst still having the mentality to communicate with younger players. I love to give advice, and gain advice, as well as developing more positive relationships with players!

Catching Hackers & Moderating Chat: Due to previous staff experience and the fact I have been playing Minecraft for roughly 6 years, I am extremely familiar with the vast majority of chat offences and hacks. I am level headed and respectful and know very well what is acceptable and what is not. I have dealt with Racism, Dox Threats, IP Leaks, Impersonation, Advertisement, Overall Aggressive Behaviour, Toxicity, Spamming the list goes on. I know some of these offences are worse than others and I can give out the according punishment dependent on the offence itself and the procedures that the Invaded team have in place for certain offences. I have also dealt with all types of hacks.Unfortunately even with /report plugins and Auto cheats, having players with hacked clients join the server is inevitable. However I know all kinds of hacks weather they are Kill aura, Jesus, Scaffold, Anti-KB, Crits, Fly, No fall, Bow Bot, Regen, X-ray, once again the list goes on. I am very skilled in diagnosing the hack and from there delegating the correct punishment. If I never know what to do in a situation or unsure, I would never hesitate to contact fellow staff for advice and expertise in the situation. In my opinion helping each other benefits both people in major ways.

Activity: Although I joined the server in early 2017, after about 8 months I unfortunately took a break in order to focus on Year 10 and my grades, I had no idea what I wanted to do when I was older and started to panic as most of my mates had a fairly good idea. During this break a lot happened in my life, however when I returned In May 2018, I had developed as a person, experienced many different parts of growing up (Both good and Bad) and felt super happy with who I had become! When I returned to Minecraft this was the only server I really had any interest in, and unfortunately I was not at all a fan of that Invaded. I got bad vibes and after a bout of month of game play quit MC. I heard about Invaded splitting with Mine Men. And in October 2018 decided to make a return. I have only been playing again for a short amount of time, however I have already created many strong friendships, and whilst most players who are fairly new don’t know me I hope we come across each other and get to know each other. I am back to playing for Hours daily and am loving it! This Journey grew me positively as a person however I had to say goodbye to many old friends! I hope to develop positive, friendly relationships with all players! I am also fairly active on forums! Not as active as other players, however I check forums about 5 times a day to gather any information I need and see if any players in the community need help!

Ambition and Positivity: I love positive vibes and people that are fun to be around and talk to, I really don’t see the point in any sort of negativity or toxicity. It never truly solves a situation and leaves everyone feeling uncomfortable / angry. I am however aware that no matter where you go in life there will be people that do possess these qualities. I am not only determined to dissolve conflict and negativity in all cases, but also share my thoughts and views for the long run to prevent these situations from occurring again!

Areas to improve: Although I have been around on Invaded for a long time, I have only recently made a return! This could be seen as a negative however I see it as a fresh start and opportunity to build trust and positive friendships with players I am not familiar with! I am a quick learner and easy to talk to, and my skills and attributes will help me to once again become a well known and likeable member of the Invaded lands community!

These skills and attributes have shaped me into the person I am today, I feel like a can bring many positive things to the community and I hope you also share this view!

 I have been staff on about 4-6 different servers, however only 3 of these had a decent player count, 40 on average. 
Encore PvPEnder Raids and Curse PvP!

Encore PvP – 8-10 months

Ender Raids - 5 months

Curse PvP - 2-3 months (due to close)

Encore PvP – I was 12 at this time and was offered a helper position on this factions server, During this time I not only had to worry about banning hackers and rule breakers, however also this is around the time that Team Speak and chat channels were introduced to gaming. Although I was young I managed to solve many disputes and come up with an appropriate solution. Since then these skills have only became further developed and become stronger!

Ender Raids - I was a moderator on Ender Raids during the start of 2018, this server was closed and discontinued due to insufficient funds. The owner could no longer run this server as it had a big financial toll on him! During this time, I dealt with more hackers than I had ever dealt with before, this is when my knowledge on hacked clients climbed from moderate to advanced and forever provide me with the needed knowledge of rule breaking and enabled me to classify and diagnose the hack, as well as the punishment required.

Curse PvP – Curse was the first server I was majorly involved in, I had co-owner and practically lived on that server! It would pull around 50 players dead times, and varied from 75-100 at peak. I developed map changes, learnt world edit, learnt a lot about commands I wasn’t familiar with, the combination of these experiences has provided me with all essential information needed to be a great member of any staff team!

Why do you think you would be a good fit for moderator? My Skills, Experience, overall personality and values have allowed me to confidently identify myself as a fantastic fit for any staff team! I understand that no matter how good you think you might be, there is always a way to improve and learn things to develop you and your skills!

How often can you be online:

Monday - Thursday : 3:30pm - 10pm

Friday : 3:30pm - 3am

Saturday & Sunday - 8am - 1am

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know. I am currently studying for an architectural degree, I have had a job at McDonald's where I developed team work and got use to high pressure situations! I also work as a deck hand at a boat marina. My customer service and support skills have been majorly impacted through these experiences. I am a well mannered individual and extremely thankful for this opportunity!

Please include your Discord username and # numbers ItzFlarez#1131

Why do you want to be staff here?: It was because there is already quite a sum of hackers when i came online and i want to be as a team after the server is online again!!!
over 3 years ago