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Zyrex Staff Application

-What's your IGN: Darkblitz0

-How old are you: I'm 16 y'o

-What is your discord username (with #ID):Proofe#6644

-What is your /timeplayed?: around 6 to 7 hours 

-Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: i could be a builder / a helper or a moderator

-What's your timezone?: i currently live in lebanon so its GMT+3

-What country are you from?: lebanon

-How often can you be online?: i can contribute around 3-5 hours per day 

-Why do you want to be staff here?: i am really willing to develop a better server and help others and i am here so we can upgrade the server to a better one without any bad influences.i already have moderated on previous small servers and i was invited to be on centrix pvp a helper but i refused.if we work as a team we can do what ever we want and we can expand our game base and let everyone know about the server zyrex.i am really a energetic / postive guy i take things seriously.we (as a team) can teach our players how to contribute and communicate with others so they can gain experience. I hope you will accept my loyalty

-What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?: First it would help the server alot by expanding its player base and i could tell players how to tell whats correct and whats wrong. i could be a builder and i can get alot of work and yes it will stay fun for me as an helper or as any staff role.

-Why should we pick you over other applicants?:At the end i cannot oblige you to pick my application. but i promise i will contribute into developing a better and neat server so everyone can reach out to zyrex and i work hard on my goals so i could succeed in them

-Extra information?: i do not own a paypal / mastercard account

on sundays i only can contribute 2-3 hours

over 2 years ago