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Experienced Staff Member Application!
What's your IGN:
How old are you:
What is your discord username (with #ID):
Code Defined#5575
What is your /timeplayed?:
14 hours+
Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:
I do not have a rank
What's your timezone?:
What country are you from?:
Palestine, I live in Saudi Arabia
How often can you be online?:
Very often, but in a month from now, I will be traveling to Turkey for a while! :)
Why do you want to be staff here?:
Because I can tell how difficult it is to own a server, and I figured that you guys have a low amount of players, so I decided, why not help you guys out? helping doesn't hurt, right? So I decided to help you guys catch cheaters, mute spammers, and temp ban glitch abusers!
What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves?:
Since Zyrex is currently a SkyBlock server, It is difficult to detect cheaters, So I am able to take some time to observe around the server and see if there is any suspicious activity! Such as a player using fly hacks to get to the top of something, auto-mining, speed-walking, or any sort of cheats that ruin the community! Of course in the future, you guys maybe add more game modes, such as Kit PVP, or factions, and I am already aware of certain cheaters for each of those game modes!
Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
Well, I have a lot of skills in controlling players to play or act fairly, I may be missing some, but with the whole staff team, we can get rid of all of the cheaters! For my skills, I am involved in PVP hacks, Mining Hacks, Movement Hacks, or even Automated Hacks! here is a list of what I can detect using my skills: Kill Aura/Aim Assist, Trigger Bot, Fast Bow, ESP, Speed Hacks, Fly Hacks, Short TP, Phase, Anti-Knockback, No Fall Damage, Automine, Anti AFK, Auto-Tool Switch, Auto Build, and Xray! For chat, I can control, chatbots, spamming, and Advertising!
In Conclusion for this section, I know a lot of cheats players use to have an advantage over other players, which is a good thing because I can deobfuscate them for cheats!
Extra information?:
If there is a cheat that is hard for me to detect, I can make, the user use AnyDesk for me to access their computer/desktop, from there I can find where they have their cheat/mod imported, or even find ways they sneaked their cheat/mod around us to prevent us from spotting it!
I also speak Arabic, so if needed I can translate from Arabic to English!
about 1 year ago