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Soon reaching that 1 week :O
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Kisa's Introduction
Seen you in-game a couple of times, very kind individual. Glad to have someone like you around the community grinning
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SkyBlock Suggestions

As I've read through your suggestion. I'd see that 'Mob Stacking' is already a think that is implemented on the server. They do infact merge together, although it DOES have a capping point; this to my knowledge is 64, just previously boosted from 32. If you're proposing that they all medge together, without a capping point, then I'd agree with you on that. This would infact tear off the need for un-needed mob's, when they would just be easily allowed to be combined into one.

Secondly, the game: 'CoinFlips', mostly pertruded on another server as seen. I'd think this would be a game to enhance the concentration of people. Most people within the server would just like to have their alts seat at specific points, and for them to be left alone, 'afking' their possessions. This would be a great way to draw users attention, and create an active chat, along with active people to the server. In an addition of this, I'd love for a whole casino themed part introduced, with a multitude of different games that people can play on; in order for us not get bored of the same game. These of which can easily be mag-pied off other servers.

Thirdly, with the 'Sell Blocks', I'd say this is a bad idea. Sometimes, people like to secture off parts of their chests, in order to keep certain sellable valuables. For example, some people may collect 1/3 of their income of Emeralds, in order for them to be placed for /is level. Then, use the other 2/3 for them to sell. This would mean, for the people using this method now, to change their way of where they place the chests, this will propose frequent movement, to just get out of the 'range' of the sellable command. In another point of this, Zyrex has thought through this issue, and introduced the 'Sell Wand', this then comes with a sellable value on the store, along with the /shop on the server. You'll be able to select values into the chest, of which you can sell the whole chest of. You'll be able to go through large amounts of chests in just a few minutes -> possibly seconds. This then still allows you to be awake, and able to do so. If the command that you'd suggested was introduced, people could just afk, in that specific area, then have an auto-typer on a timer, then selling the values, maybe when they're busy; at work, or at school. This would break the current economy of the server, and make everything un-equal. Nethertheless, the server is a Semi-OP Skyblock, and having this would transfer it into an OP Skyblock, due to the ease of this.

On part of this, great suggestions. If you'd like to add any other comments, feel free to add. You may also message me on discord if you have any other questions.

Discord - pringles#6117


Yes, thank you for responding. For the Mob Stacking suggestion, I meant for the mobs to be fully in one place. I've noticed that the server has a mob stacking feature, but only one that allows the mobs to stack up to a number of x64 as a limit. I'd like to see a no-limit policy on mob stacking, this way as you said yourself, there would be no inconveniences with un-wanted mobs in various areas. 

Furthermore, for my suggestion for a Sell Block, players could use different methods to collect their earnings. An example would be making two different farms/grinders, in which one section would contain a Sell Block, and the other would be based of off a simple hopper/chest method. Indeed I do agree that the Sell Block will most likely affect the economy of SkyBlock negatively and the Semi-OP SkyBlock server will have an imbalance in its economy. For this not to happen, the server could possibly introduce a policy that states only x1 or x2 Sell Blocks are allowed per island and only a small range between per say 10x10, but yes, it'd still be too much, so what I'd suggest for this issue not to happen, if the server becomes a network, it could possibly add the Sell Block feature, but I guess until then I'd say this feature would be inadequate to add. 
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Devi_001's Staff Application
What's your IGN? - Devi_001.

How old are you? - I'm 16 years old. 

What is your discord username? - Dev#1459

How long have you been on Zyrex? - My current playtime on the server is 3d 7h and 57m

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it? - My current rank is MVP+.

What's your timezone? - My timezone is GMT +02:00.

What country are you from? - Originally, I'm from Hungary. 

How often can you be online? - My activity on Zyrex will often depend on a variety of reasons, hence why my playtime will be averaged between the following: 
  • Monday to Thursday - 3-6 hours. 
  • Friday - 4-8 hours. 
  • Saturday - 5-10 hours. 
  • Sunday - 4-8 hours. 
Why do you want to be staff here? - I want to be Staff on Zyrex due to the fact that the amount of Staff Zyrex currently has, the team can only deal with a certain percentage of the problems that may occur in the future or any other tasks that have to be dealt with. While I'm certainly not saying that the Staff team on Zyrex are lax about their jobs, what I'm saying is that an extra addition to the Staff team, be it myself or any other applicant, will allow more problems or issues to be dealt with. Another reason why I want to become a Staff member on Zyrex is because of the life skills the job may teach me. This, of course, includes the experience I may gain from being a Staff member, and this job will certainly increase my abilities to manage my temper, manage my schedule, better my ability to work with other people, which will also increase my communication skills. Furthermore, I would really love to be able and get the opportunity to become more part of the community, and I want to be there when this server expands and becomes a network with a peaceful community base. I'd want to help this server rise, and help the network maintain it's happy and overall positive community. Lastly, my ultimate reason of why I'd like to become a Staff member on Zyrex is because I'm someone who loves helping others and giving assistance to those who require it. I've always been an individual who's keen to learn more and someone who's always up for work. I want to gain more experience in order to make myself, as an individual, more mature and experienced with having a job. Becoming a part of the Staff team here on Zyrex will further allow me to continue what I love doing and help the server, to which I have devoted much of my time to. 

What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves? - Being a Moderator on Zyrex, or any other server involves many different characteristics an individual should have, and the tasks they must complete. These include loyalty, experience, maturity, and last but not least, motivation. 
  • Loyalty - This is a characteristic all Staff members should have. Loyalty can be represented in many various ways, but some of the most common ones would be activity, which is putting aside some of your free time to come online and help individuals who require your assistance, as well as following the rules and regulations the server has, in order to be a good Staff member and loyal to the community. 
  • Experience - This is another characteristic a Staff member should have. Of course, some individuals may not have experience and for that reason they want to become Staff members to gain some experience, but those who already have prior Staff experience know how to do their job well, and are familiar with various amounts of scenarios that may occur during your time on the server and these Staff members would be the most helpful and professional ones. 
  • Maturity - This is one of the most important characteristics out of all. All Staff members should be mature as they are the representatives of the server and its community. They are the individuals who welcome newcomers to the server, and assist them in making the correct decisions and help them evolve throughout their time on the server. 
  • Motivation - This is the last common characteristic an individual should have. If a Staff member is motivated, then he/she is more likely to succeed than someone who's non-motivated as they take interest in doing their job, and they're usually the ones that are keen to learn more and gain more experience for their knowledge which could benefit their profession as a Staff member. 
Now that I've listed all the characteristics I personally believe a Staff member should have as an individual, I will describe some of the scenarios a Staff member should be able to overcome while online, these are his/her tasks to complete. 

Scenario 1 - 
If there's someone who reports a hacker, a Staff member should be able to acknowledge the individual's report, no matter who they are, and be able to deal with the hacker, usually by watching over this player for a certain amount of time, and if they do seem somewhat suspicious, then the Staff member should act professionally, and deal with the hacker (SS). 

Scenario 2 - If there's someone who is in need of assistance, a Staff member must help this individual in whatever request he/she may have. Casually these type of scenarios are based on players asking for advice or simply questions about the server etc. 

Scenario 3 - Lastly, another common scenario that may occur on a server is panic. If there's anyone who's Doxxing the server, or there's something very wrong going on, like the server crashing constantly, or players being punished for no reason, then the Staff member should act upon this situation accordingly to his/her position. If the Staff member is a low ranked Staff, Helper / Moderator, then they must contact a higher Staff such as an Administrator, in order for this issue to be resolved, and while they're waiting for the higher Staff, they must calmly do everything they can in their power, to help the situation in time. 

Extra information? - Personally, I'd like to inform you of some of my qualities as an individual. Even though I originally come from Hungary, I'm fluent in x4 languages, that's French, Russian, Hungarian and English. Furthermore, I'm very well experienced with managing and maintaining a community on a server, as I have some prior Staff experience, which includes basically all the ranks there are for Staff (Helper, Moderator, Administrator, Manager, Owner). If proof is required, I am more than willing to give the evidence that I've had these positions in the past. Lastly, if you have made it this far into the application, then please feel free to give me any feedback possible in order for me to improve the criteria I need to become more professional. 
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Njwf1 improved application
  • Accetpable amount of detail. 
  • Some effort shown. 
  • Grammar mistakes. 
  • The layout is unclear. 
  • Some questions not answered properly "Timeplayed
Overall, this application is, of course, better than your old one, however, you can still improve more and spend more time on it, as well as put more effort into it. 

over 2 years ago

CookieDoughMaker, Second Staff Application (Detailed)
  • Clearly, an immense amount of detail. 
  • An effort is clearly shown. 
  • Motivation also, clearly shown. 
  • Has prior Staff experience. 
  • Can be very active, both during holidays and on a workday.
  • Included detailed scenarios, which clearly show experience in that certain criteria as a Staff member. 
  • Not all answers are clear, to be more specific on your answer for the question "Why do you want to be staff here" you start off with a sentence, but then you just stop mid-way and carry onto the next question which is "What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves" which was greatly answered, but the overall layout is just weird, and in my opinion it could be clearer. 
  • As stated above, you could make your layout of the application more clear, a good example for starters would be making your questions bold but your answers simple, or maybe add some color so that other individuals that read your application don't have to struggle through the layout, as I was confused on some of the questions for a bit. 
  • Finally, you state that you've played for 4 hours, and I would definitely recommend for you to boost your playtime on the server as that shows loyalty to the community, but I'm sure you'll do that in the future anyhow. 
In my opinion, this application is by far one of the best I've read throughout these couple of days, and I can clearly see an outstanding effort which is exactly the reason why I bothered to thoroughly give you feedback. I also recommend for you to provide some evidence for your prior Staff experience, just to make sure that you're not all talk. Other than all that has been said, the application is one of my favourites on this server so far, and that is why I'll vouch for you. 

Best of luck, 

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