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Dezzy201's Staff application.

How old are you: 14 

What is your discord username (with #ID): Dezzy201#8393

How long have you been onzyrex
? (do /timeplayed): Started playing today. I know I haven't been on long, But I will be for a longer time after you've read this app.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: I do not have a rank at the moment.

What's your timezone: GMT.

What country are you from: England.

How often can you be online: For about 1-3 hours a day. Maybe more on weekends.

Why do you want to be staff here?: Because I like to help people with problems and fix known bugs and make the server better. And with my experience of being on today, I haven't seen 1 staff on yet. And I can be on hopefully longer than other staff, so when some aren't on, I shall be! And I can help the community grow and be a nice person,

What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex
Common sense

Extra information?: I have never been banned/punished before, and I have had experience being a admin, and it was successful.
over 2 years ago