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Dullfountains Staff Application

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Dullfountains Staff Application

What's your IGN: Dullfountain

How old are you: 17

What is your discord username (with #ID): lukeh77123 #7136 (I can change it to Dullfountain if you want so it's not confusing to others)

How long have you been onzyrex? (do /timeplayed): 1 hour 15minutes (which I believe has given me enough time to explore the server)

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: no

What's your timezone: Eastern standard time

What country are you from: United States

How often can you be online: Anytime Needed 

Why do you want to be staff here?: I want to be staff here because I believe I'm knowledgeable about running servers from past experiences, I've also have had a lot of spare time on my hands and by working for the server I would be able to use my time wisely.

What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves?: In my idea of what a moderator involves is being a person who understands there power and takes it into account that its there job to know the rules and be able to enforce them for not only the benefit of them but for the benefit of the server.

Extra information?: I am mildly experienced in C++, Html, and JavaScript. I have owned two servers before so I believe I'm quite experienced. I believe I'm good with commands and I'm not too great of a builder, but I'm getting better every day.

(Get to know me): My names Luke, I'm currently a Senior in high school. I play lacrosse and I'm into videography, photography, and editing video.
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