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EnderZeu's Staff Application

What's your IGN: EnderZeus

How old are you: 16

What is your discord username (with #ID): EnderZeus#6312EnderZeus


What is your /timeplayed?: 18h 34m 56s

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:
I do not currently have a rank.

What's your timezone?:

What country are you from?:

How often can you be online?:
Most nights from 3:00pm - 10:00pm EST

Why do you want to be staff here?:

I would love to be apart of the staff team of Zyrex because i believe it lacks in staff. I really enjoy the little community that you have created over the years of this server being up and day and i just want to be able to have a peice of this community. This community is so kind, respectful and loves helping eachother out.

What do you think being a Moderator on
Zyrex involves?:

I believe that a Moderator (Staff member) on Zyrex should be easy to talk to. A staff member should be very easy to talk to so that the default members feel conftable with you and the other staff members of the server. Aswell as being easy to talk to a staff member should be very responible, yes it is okay to have the occasional muckaround time but majority of the time on the server the dutys of a staff member remain as professional as possible.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?:

You should choose my application over other peoples because. I am not a staff hunter, yes being staff is great but being a default player is great too. I did not join this server just so i could get staff. I have 18hours of playtime under my belt and i only just apply now. I am very responsible and can easily respect everyone of all ages.

Extra information?:

I have previously been staff on a few other servers. At one stage i owned my own 3 server network with 30 players on daily, that server concluded with KitPvP,Skyblock and Creative plots. The server was called SkyMC. The server sadly closed down to the other owner fired me and wrecked the server by trolling people and just gave us a bad name so i moved away from that. Anyway. thankyou for listening.

over 2 years ago