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FortniteIsPee's Staff Application
Discord: Frakes#8787 (sorry I forgot it lol)
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FortniteIsPee's Staff Application
1) What is your Minecraft username?​

My current Minecraft In-game name is FortniteIsPee, I have no intent to change this in the future.

2) What is your age and timezone (GMT format preferred)?​

My current age is 16, and my timezone is Eastern-Standard Time (GMT+4).

4) In what ways have you helped people on the server?​

I have helped others on the server by providing emotional/moral support if necessary (Basically being that person you can talk to), helping players with building in some cases, and in others, I will occasionally tell players commands if they have forgotten them. I have also provided advice and reported offenders. I have also provided advice for staff applications. 

5) In what ways would you improve the server?​

I would help the server in these distinct ways:

A) Provide assistance with commands if requested, keep spamming and all to a minimum, check griefed plots, resolve arguments, etcetera.

B) Provide moral/psychiatric/emotional support when necessary. By this, I primarily mean: "If you're having a hard time, I am somebody you can talk to", but can also mean that I can defuse situations that are escalating out of control, etcetera.

C) Add a player-based reward system that only applies to recently-online players that reward those that do not break the rules or break them rarely. One such example of this is, for example, Choices gets warned once over the course of the month, perhaps he gets some sort of accolade for this? There is a flaw with this type of system though since it would likely reward AFK players. Regardless, I'm not sure of the exact reward systems to be applied.
(And I'm out of ideas for now. I may think of more later.)

6) Do you have any previous experience as staff on any other server?​

On a couple of small servers, yes. I don`t remember the names or IPs however. (Bear in mind, these servers never got off the ground. Take this as you will). On these servers, I was primarily in the Moderator position and would work with the Owner on adding plugins. I would also do the basic Moderator activities, like warning/muting those who broke the rules, etcetera.

7) Why should we choose you over anyone else?​

I believe I may not be the best choice of those you`ve received applications from, but I would say I am a better choice due to my personality. I am calm, collected, intelligent, and it`s usually difficult to annoy or anger me unless you hit a personal nerve. For these reasons, I would be better than most applicants. I am also more mature than most you likely receive, as over reviewing others` staff applications, I have noticed most are 14 or younger. Additionally, I believe that everyone should get what they deserve when it comes down to punishments or other matters. As for another reason, I am on almost constantly and would be able to keep most trouble down with high efficiency. I also have skill in de-escalating situations. As for other reasoning, I am well-liked by most of the community as far as I`m aware, as no major incidents have happened in which people have come out disliking me personally.

8 ) Will you abuse these powers?

I solemnly swear I will not abuse these powers. 

9) How active will you be?

I am around 1-3 hours a day, if that is not enough, I will strive to be more active.

Bear in mind: I would not be surprised nor offended were I to get rejected, however, if this does get rejected, please leave advice for future reference.

Thank you for reading my application, and have a good day.​
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