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Factions Suggestions
Obsidian is already breakable?

Blame - I meant with TNT-  Apologies
over 2 years ago

Application By: W22
Idks kinda said it all. Youre 12 and you've hacked in the past? 1 hour of gametime is nothing compared *cough* most *cough* of the staff on here and even a lot of the players. Being strict here and saying -1
over 2 years ago

Factions Suggestions
Breakable Obsidian

Custom Enchantments

Fly in claimed land? - might have some issues though


I will add more suggestions as time goes on.
over 2 years ago

HustleHD Staff Application
I feel that it is important to note that as of 21 hours after posting this, I have now reached a playtime of 18 hours. This shows how active im gonna be. Anyway, thank you everyone for your feedback it means a lot!
over 2 years ago

A couple of suggestions
I see your point :) 
over 2 years ago