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ICTV Application
What's your IGN: I_C_T_V

How old are you:17

What is your discord username (with #ID):I_C_T_V#0218

How long have you been on
zyrex? (do /timeplayed): N/A

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: no rank

What's your timezone:GMT

What country are you from: Wales Uk

How often can you be online: 6 Hour's a day

Why do you want to be staff here?:

I'm Applying for this Role as i Would Love to help out This  Incredible Community. I'm a expereinced player with over 2 and ahalf years of staff expereince. Welcoming  New Players, Also acting Professonal is also Important also I'm Very independent  i Alway's admit my mistakes and alway's learn from them. Also Answering Questions and Concerns reguarding the server
 and discord. by also keeping the server safe  from hacker scumbags and scammer's also protecting the server and Helping Staff in situations. also giving advice and tips on (example skyblock is about placing blocks on you're island and trying to get the ftop1 prize that's infomation you would give a player if they said (How do i play skyblock) and you would tell them (skyblock is about placing blocks on you're island and trying to get the ftop1 prize) i would' give people good answers to thier questions or concerns reguarding the server. also giving people notice of  upcoming announcements and updates  on the zyrex Network also Recording Videos'   Recording awesoem Gameplay for both the server and my youtube channel  where i rec all my hacker's and gameplay's of diffrent games  like (Minecraft Roblox Staff Series  and Radom Funny Moments)  i enjoy making videos for my friends to watch half the time i luagh at myself (Im not that funny)'

Expereince i was a sr mod on falexhcf i was a srmod for about 6 month. i was enjoying my time on the server  then i resigned, as the server became toxic and not very fun to work for anymore i felt leftout everyone was ignoring me even the owners were and i wasnt happy the way they were treated me so the next few day's i just didnt speak to anyone and got on with my job the next day   i just said look im sick and tired of  people making fun of me  i m resigning for pernament and i did  and now the server went dead just over 1 month after i resigned also i enjoyed  working on the server as  3 of my school friends got accepted on the server so we would meet up and have a bunch of fun etc.

Why do you Want to become Staff Well'  I've been a big part of this  community Helping players answering questions also giving my thought;s on the server  Helping out Players Making friend Talking to new Players  Having  the best amount of fun ever and enjoying the server  Also Makign sure  Hackers Etc are banned.

What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?: Time Management  Professonal Spelling  Being Active' Having Fun and Making the server a safer place, (Banning Hacker's.

Extra information?: Hello  Thank's For Reading my Application'.
- I_C_T_V
over 3 years ago