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I_am_jah MOD app. number 2

IGN- I_am_jah

how old are you- I am 17

discord- Free Willie97#8680

time played - 14 and a half hours

do you have a rank? - I currently do not have a rank

timezone- NA East

country? - U.S

How offten can you be online?- whenever you need me too. 3-4 hours a day. but if you need me ill get on.

why do i want to be staff? - i love skyblock since i was 9 and love this server. very friendly and i want to help out and preserve this server.  I was also a admin on GTAMC until it was shutdown. 

what do you think being a mod involves? - tons of server work, witch i am blessed to do. a lot of helping witch i love to do. and following the server rules.

why should you pick me? because I am a very trustworthy young adult looking to have fun on his favorite server and taking it up a notch and helping this loving comunitty. 

extra- I am also a eagle scout and am very trustworthy. thankyou for your time <3

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I_am_jah MOD app.

hello my name is william and i am 17 years of age. my in game name is I_am_jah. my discored is free Willie97#8680. my time played is around 10 hours and ive come a long way on my island with just that short ammount f time played. i plan to get on every day for around 5 to 6 hours. my time zone is NA east. I am from Georgia in the U.S. I do not have a rank right now but i am concidering it. i can be online as much as neccesasary and rang from 3-10 hours a day. I'd love to be a mod because I enjoy this server and the people here are very kind. I lovehelping people and am very happy to see new players join. I think being a Mod on this wonderful server includes being on a lot witch i can do, and helping people when they have questions and spreading the server IP on my YT to get it big. You should pick me because i always am on top of my game and can be online whenever you need me to. im a very kind and mature person and will help with anything you need. I am also a very good builder. thankyou for reading and rember im always thre to help! much love <3

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