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Staff Applications - JahsehOnfroyV5


What's your IGN:  JahsehonfroyV5


How old are you: 17 02/18/2002


What is your discord username (with #ID): TheSecret#7441


What is your /timeplayed?: 1d 22hr 42m


Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: MVP


What's your timezone?: PST


What country are you from?: USA


How often can you be online?: Everyday all Day


Why do you want to be staff here?:  I want to become staff because the first time I join this server I fell in love with the server. I just love this community everyone is so chill and there is really no drama at all. i feel this server has a lot of potential and I feel I can help add/fix many things on to this server to make a better experience for everyone. I feel I can make a defuse when it comes to the zyrex community. I just want to make people happy and full of joy. I just hope u guys will give me the chance to prove myself to you guys


What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?:  What is means to be a moderator on Zyrex comes with a lot of responsibility. It also comes with a lot of other things like Hard Work, Loyalty, Time, Trust, Security and Maturity. Responsibility is one of the biggest things of being a moderator if u cant be responsible with the power that you were given then there is no need being on the staff team. Hard-working people are successful. If you are not working to your full power and beyond then what's the point of even trying. You need to work harder and harder, you need to put all your blood, sweat & tears into wherever u are doing. You need to put 110% at all times or you are just going to be like every other human on this earth and what's the fun in that. Loyalty is very important to me if you are not loyal to that server then u don't deserve to be a staff member. If you are working on 2, 3 ,4 servers at once then u are not putting you full power in making what u want successful. Time is huge u can never get more time but u can lose it like its nothing, so if u are not spending night & day working on growing or helping the server then u are truely weak and you are not even worth being a moderator. Trust is important, if u can't trust someone then you will hesitation on their decisions and hesitation = failure and I will never accept failure. Failure is for quitter and if I'm a quitter then I will never get anywhere in life. if u want to be successful you need people to trust you and that means u need to trust people. Security is a big part in being a moderator if u don't show full proof of that person cheating and hacking on the server then you are not doing your duty right. Keeping the server safe from people that like to cheat the system can be stressful at times and leaves a lot of pressure on staff members and that leads to most people cracking under pressure. You need to stay strong and keep your head up as a moderator because if u don't it shows weakness and weakness is never good. Maturity is a big part in being the best person u can possibly be. If you act like a child 24/7 then u will never get anywhere and no one respects someone like that. You need to be mature and put 100% respect in everything u do, u also need to be openminded to everything around you because if u don't things can go wrong really fast.


Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I feel you should pick me because I'm very mature when it comes to being a staff member. I have a lot of past experiences when it comes to being a staff member, I've owned an HCF (Hardcore Factions) but stopped it due to school. I've been staff on a lot of factions servers. I'm a harder worker and I will put everything into making this server grow and say u don't choose me today to be staff. I know I will still make an impact on this server. it will be a lot harder but trust me this is my start, this will be my beginning to this journey. This is where I start the bigger picture, staff or not. I will do everything in my power to make this the new best minecraft skyblock and that is what I have my mindset on. when I have my mindset on something nothing and I mean nothing will change that. it may take lots and lots of time and effort but trust me in the future it will be successful, you will see Zyrex as one of the top servers in the world and u will know the owners name and I will be there for it all.


Extra information?: I'm still am human, I can still make mistakes and I know in the future if I do make mistake 110% I will learn from those mistakes and be a better person from it. I know u may get 100 applications a day and see people type shit like this but trust me I'm different I will do as a say and I will put 200% of all my power in making this the best server possible and I will stop at nothing to make that happen. Thank you guys so much for your time.

                                                                                        - JahsehOnfroyV5


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