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Reason: spamming me on discord to get someone to read your application & shitting on other peoples application when your's is worse than there's.
4 months ago

This is your 6th application and if you even looked at the guidelines you would've seen `If you are reapplying, you must wait for at least 15 days.`, Because of ignoring this your now not allowed to reapply for at least the next 3 months. Also, don't say BS like you're going to kill yourself if you get denied again and shit or I'm just going to have to ban your forum account.
5 months ago

Application Denied,
You have been denied for being inpatient + Lack of detail.
5 months ago

Follow the template, Ignored.
6 months ago

Zyrex is now back but under a new name. Zyrex.CX!
After nearly 3 Months of downtime, we are now back but improved.
All of our past bugs are now fixed, including the random lag spikes we were getting & the economy has been nerfed making it harder to make a 100IG farm as well as stopping people from buying Ore Blocks to boost their Island level. By doing this, it's stopping rich players from easily winning money top and is top.

IP: zyrex.cx
Website: You're on it right now weeb
Store: store.zyrex.cx

Also, Subscribe to Pewdiepie for a chance to win VIP*
*Meme review on 22nd of December
6 months ago