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xx__'s Staff Application
I'm going to be voting no.

My reasoning is because it isn't detailed enough right now.

But if you add detail and make the application longer overall my vote is subject to change.

All the best.
over 3 years ago

over 3 years ago

STAFF application
Application Denied.

Due to the fact you asked me to review your application.

Reapply in a few weeks.
over 3 years ago

Final Staff Application ~Champ
I personally disagree with what Seronical says. Just because your 14 don't mean that you will get denied.

I am 14, and I have been staff for a year.

Don't let your age deter you from your goal.

But you hold substantial detail in your application. So I will be holding my vote.
over 3 years ago

2by2gaming's perfect app
Not taking it seriously, Also asking staff to look at your application // Advertising it.

over 3 years ago