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Very serious topic
PB n J? or Ham Cheese Sandwich?
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Kisa's Introduction
Hi hi UwU

My name is Kisa (aka Harley) I am 17, and my birthday is 9/28/01. I have been playing games for 7-8 years, and I enjoy drawing as a pastime.

Likes: I am very picky when it comes to everything! A few of my favorites are: Drawing, games, playing coop, discording with friends, and I find very gory things cute??

Dislikes: usually if I dislike something I will probably leave instantly. A few of mine are: Loud people, someone talking over me more than once party poopers, toxic people, and fighting.

My personality: Online I'm super out going, I love being confident and passionate about everything I do regardless if its dumb. In person I'm extremely shy, and the smallest things fluster me for some reason. I'm very clumsy and some hiw end up hurting myself in some type of way. I get scared by angry/mad people easily (Kind if personal reason)

My fears: I dont know why I'm exposing myself, but I absolutely HATE needles. I have such a hard phobia of needles. Furbys are terrifying!!! I hate them so much. Other then that I'm not scared of much.

I'm totally down to meet new people, and If you ever need help, please contact me!
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KisaShimiza Application.
What's your IGN: KisaShimiza

How old are you: 17

What is your discord username (with #ID): 
 Kisa  #5876

How long have you been on zyrex? (do /timeplayed): 6d 18h 47m

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: Yes, Zyrex.

What's your timezone: USA Central

What country are you from: USA

How often can you be online: Monday-friday 4:30 - 12pm Sat- Sun All day

Why do you want to be staff here?: Currently there are many times where staff isn't present, and we need someone to discipline those who abuse, and misbehave. Keeping the server at peace, and order. I want an effective, and kind server that welcomes new players, including helping them in any ways needed or possible. I want to help everyone as much as possible, even if it means sacrificing my time, and effort. I believe helping everyone out, enjoy playing on the server, and create a player base that everyone feels like family. As silly as it seems, I really want the server to blow up. Making massive server with endless possibilities, and event for everyone to play together is a dream of mine.

What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves?:  Being staff is an extreme responsibility, which isn't to be taken as a joke. My actions, along with others, effect how the server will be represented.

What It takes to be staff:
• Dedication
• Devotion
• Determination 
• Management Skills
• Communication Skills
• Basic human behavior
• Reliability

When something is out of their power first course of action is to dm an admin or owner, even if they aren't online. They must be willing to stop what they are doing, no matter how important, to help anyone who needs it.

Extra information?:
I have been a staff member on many other servers, Not including friend owned servers. (Unfished edit please ignore)
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What's your IGN:  KisaShimiza

How old are you: 17

What is your discord username (with #ID): 🌱 Harley 🌱#5876

How long have you been onzyrex? (do /timeplayed): Less then a day.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: No.

What's your timezone: USA Central Time

What country are you from: Usa

How often can you be online: 5-7 days a week.

Why do you want to be staff here?: If were going to be honest, I would enjoy being staff on this server, because I enjoy giving out to the community and helping others for no gain. I've always loved helping others, while making everyone's day better. I believe that if I could do anything, it would be to provide my services to anyone in need.

What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex involves?: Being in ANY part of staff means extreme responsibility, not only are you given trust to do your job, you are entrusted to make sure everyone, regardless of who they are, is enjoying the server by providing a family friendly environment.

Extra information?:  I am most active on weekends, I am currently unemployed, however I am job searching again so I will start to lost weekends. However I can still play week days.
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