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staff apply
Effort? Yes, please.
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TowelieMemes application.
I know you changed the font probably to make it look better, but it just makes it harder to read. I suggest you leave it as the normal font. Also, you misspelled "believe" and "important". You didn't capitalize most of your I's too.
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Stuff_HappensRea's Helper Application!
Why did you leave the 'What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves?:' question blank? Because of it I doubt you'll get accepted, but good luck anyway.

"Another server I have been staff on is a server called EarthLordPvP. EarthLordPvP was a Factions server just like this one." This isn't a factions server, copied application? xd
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Kweebecs's Application
What's your IGN?
Kweebecs, Kweebecs2 (Alt), Kweebecs3 (Alt)

How old are you?
I'm 14 years old.

What is your Discord username?

How long have you been on Zyrex?
'20h 36m 3s' at the time of applying.

Do you have a rank?
I have the MVP rank.

What's your timezone?

What country are you from?
I'm from the UK.

How often can you be online?
I can be online a couple of hours a day.

Why do you want to be staff here?
Since I joined the server yesterday most of the people I've met have been nice to me, the community is great. Along with that, I enjoy SkyBlock a lot, therefore, I'd love to help out as much as possible, even if it's just answering questions and enforcing the rules. I feel I can help out Zyrex and make it a better place so please consider me as an applicant.

What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves?
The basics would be to enforce the rules, such as catching hackers and stopping spam, etc. You'd have to be nice and active with the community, not only on the server but on the discord and forums too. When being a Moderator you need to be somewhat professional, as you are a role model for other people and what you do affects how people view the server. Throughout my experiences as staff on different servers, I've learned a lot of useful things, such as: how to handle certain situations. For example, if someone was excessively disrespecting the players I would mute them, ranging from 30 minutes to a week depending on what they said. Another example, if another staff member with more power than me was abusing I'd notify the owner straight away and try to get as much evidence as I could. I ran a server too, multiple times. Although they weren't too successful it's what I learned that counts right? Lastly, the main reason I'm a good choice to be a staff member is that I am motivated and hard-working. I will try my best to overcome my flaws and do what's good for the community.

Extra information:
I'm a 14-year-old male who loves Anime. I've been playing Minecraft for a couple of years now, I'm really excited to see how Hytale, the next generation of block games will turn out. As a person, I try to live a care-free life not worrying too much about money and all the hassles that you will come across in the future.
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