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Lord Kitran's Staff Application
What's your IGN : My IGN is LordKitran

old are you : I'm currently 16 years old.

What is your discord username (with #ID
) : Kitran#5093

How long have you been on Zyrex? (do /
timeplayed) : I have currently spent over 2 days and 6 hours on Zyrex.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it? : No, I don't have a rank.

your timezone : GMT+1

What country are 
you from : Croatia

How often can you 
be online : I can usually contribute around 3 hours per day, but this can fluctuate by homework, incoming tests and school in general.

Why do you want to be staff here?
 : I want to become staff on Zyrex because of multiple reasons. Staff isn't just about perms and commands that you get. It's a serious job that combines multiple things such as helping people and making sure that there are no rule breakers on the server for the enjoyment of other players. I actually want to help people have better and more fun experience playing on Zyrex.
The important thing here is equality. For example, if I would become staff member I wouldn't consider myself any better than other players.  We are equal and staff members are here just to make your experience on Zyrex more enjoyable.
Another important thing is patience. As a staff member, you can run into many problems. Some will be easy to fix, but some can be straight up annoying and that's when patience comes in. You need the patience to deal with players (this includes the rule breakers, interested people and beggars) which can sometimes take a long time.
I would also like to say that I'm experienced Sky Block player considering I've been playing it for 3 and half years now so I have a lot of knowledge about the gamemode itself. The main reason why I would like to become a staff member is because of the fact that I like the community of Zyrex and that I would want to help it grow.

What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves? : It certainly involves multiple things such as watching over the server. Moderator needs to make sure that there are no rule breakers and toxic people. It also involves teamwork since teamwork is an important part of being a staff member. You certainly aren't the only staff member and you need to cooperate with other members of a team. If you notice something suspicious you need to warn the higher ranked staff about it before you take any action.

Extra information? : I also have previous staff and builder experience. I have been both builder and staff on BlazeVortex so I know how to react to certain situations and people. I'm a very active player on daily base and I enjoy building and making redstone creations for my island.
I have a working microphone and I like to communicate with people. The best way to contact me would be through Discord.
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