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Staff Application

Whats My IGN?  MarcoSh0ck

How old are you? I'm 20 years old

What's my discord name? NoRegrets#1321

What is my timeplayed? 13h 47Min

Do you have a rank and if so what it is? Yes, Memeber+

What is your time zone? GMT+3

What country are you from? I'm From Somaliland, its north of somalia

How Often Can you be online?  most of the time, currently im in a holiday so i'd be more online

Why do you want to be staff here? I find this server very amusing and its actually my first time ever playing skyblock and it was on this server, the people here are very friendly and they welcome you when you come online, so i'd be returing the favor by moderating this server and helping the polite and honest people that i find in this server.

What do you think being a moderator on Zyrex invloves? I think that moderating in this server invloves watching over the players and check if there is any misuse or any foul play that is going on and try to prevent that, that the main goal of it, but if i was a mod i would do all of that and also fill the helper shoes and help people who are asking for it and aid them whenever there isn't a Helper on, overall i'd like to be a mod on this server.

Why should we pick you over other applicants? Honetly i dont think that im better than someone else its just that i'd love to moderate on this server.

Extra Information? Well im in 3rd year dental so i know alot about teeth and the surrounding structure i find it facsinating , im amazing at General biology xD


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