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Staff Application.

What's your IGN: My IGN is MilanTheSapling

How old are you:
I'm 14 years old.

What is your discord username (with #ID):
My Discord name buggs in this forum. So i made a pastebin:

What is your /timeplayed?: Now, 7 hours. And i like it.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:

What's your timezone?:
GMT + 1

What country are you from?:

How often can you be online?:
Per day, 4-5 hours. Per week, 35-40 hours. Sometimes even more.

Why do you want to be staff here?:
My reason for this is: because i like the server. Not just how it looks, the players etc., but it also has many things like a website, etc. Not that much servers have that. So it gives me a feeling like: this is actually a good server with a friendly community. And always if i like things, i want to become a part of it. I'm currently not Staff on another server. That is so i can play here so much! I think i will be a good Staff member because i have experience. I have been Staff on so much servers, mostly of them just stopped. And i have much much much experience as a Staff member. From a server called DJNetwork to a server called UniverseMC (big server). And that is my journey. I really like this server, because of the friendly community. And also i like the server with custom commands, and all custom features, and more. I'm also just building my own island, and later i will make it public with cool stuff! So i think that would be fun. So, just also wanna say: good luck to other applicants. I also think i would be a good moderator, because of my languages i know. I know a bit French, i speak Dutch (my language) and i'm good at English. I also will be much online, i have much spare time, and with much i mean MUCH! So i sometimes the time will be 45-50 hours. But normal like 35-40 hours per week, i think thats enough to be online for a Minecraft server. I also have a life haha.

What do you think being a Moderator on
zyrex involves?: I think i can be a good Staff member, because i have much experience. As i mentioned above, its also really good that you guys have a website & more. That gives me a good feeling of becoming Staff on the server.
I can spend much time in the server, and hopefully get promoted, because my first reaction at this server was: Wow, this is actually a good server. Because most servers are dead. And this server is just the oppesite. Its growing! Thats what i really like, and the server is also original, etc. I will also do my job as Moderator good. I will NOT break rules, and just do my best & if someone asks a question i will react asap. Also, as i already mentioned, i have much experience. This is handy for a server like this. I will try to also advertise & look for friends to join & send them some invites etc.! I will also make video's on this server for my youtube channel.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
I think i have much experience and i also think that is handy for a server like this. Because it is really good. Thats also my sort of motivation for becoming Staff. I also have a big friends list, which i can all send invites to, so they can join this beatiful server. I will just do my job & be much online. I think that this server has a good community & just the server looks good. Thats why i want to apply, and i hope you pick me. I hope that because i really really really like the server, and my first impressions are GOOD! So for me this sounds as a reason to pick me. BUT: I wish ALL other applicants good luck.

Extra information?: Fun Fact 1:
I speak English & Dutch & a little French.
Fun Fact 2:
I learned my English from playing Minecraft when i was 7.
I also have a good Grammar & Spelling.

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