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MlM0 Application.
How often can you be online?: 10-23hr a day
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MlM0 Application.
What's your IGN: MlM0

How old are you: 15

What is your discord username (with #ID): 

What is your /timeplayed?: 10hr

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: No, I am thinking of buying a MVP++

What's your timezone?: My current time zone is Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00).

What country are you from?: Middle eat, United Arab Emirate's

How often can you be online?: 10-23hr

Why do you want to be staff here?:
Well, seeing as how Admin Aplication has been a big part of my childhood. (I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old, I’m 15 now) I want to help the server because it has helped me, I have created an indestructible bond with my irl friends because of the fun this server provided me with and for that I thank it. Not to mention that I’ve made a lot of interesting and fun friends on this server, that I’d never met if it weren’t for Zyrex. Even though most of them are gone now I’m still pretty close with some of them, and heck I’m even starting to make new friends that I hope to get to know better. Before I leave Zyrex for good, I want to give back to the server for the fun it has provided me . I think I should be mod because I'm good at helping, I've been playing the server for 2 day's so I usually have the correct answer to questions regarding the server. I am also actively watching the chat so if new players ask for help I can answer their questions as soon as I see them. I am able to recognize that even if I try my best to help people, that I won't always be able to help them if they're struggling. One of my flaws is that I'm not great at asking for help when I need it, though it's been something I've been working on improving this past year. I'm also active on the forums even when the staff aren't, so I'd be able to deal with player reports when other staff are unavailable to do so.

What do you think being a Moderator on zyex involves
Moderate the content that is on the server. These people should be able to kick, ban, view logs on the server for who built and destroy, etc. They should be very trusted but not really have any in-game advantages,Moderators will need to know some simple in-game commands. They will need to be able to know how to kick, ban, and view logs, depending on which plugins you use,They check out reports on the forums and take appropriate action, moderate the chat, mute offenders, check out other servers when possible for alleged hackers, and occassionally help out the Admins. This is just the extend of my knowledge, however, there could be more that they do but this is what I believe are their 'main' jobs.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?:
Am always available to help as I stop what I am doing and help others first "Others First Yourself last" I say to myself. I can also be active on the server quite a lot on forums and in-game. I am very active, and I always will be. I am also available pretty much any time.
I always do my best in everything I can. I am extremely responsible. I am very hard working. You must be responsible for staff on this server. You must be accountable for what you're going to take on. Whenever I am doing a set task, I usually do it above expectations, for example, I believe I have put significant effort into this application. I did because its good to do better and I always say to myself ''Only your best is good enough''.
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