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Staff Application -
Hello, I would first of all like to wish everyone the best of luck I would ask you to read the whole thread before commenting, and if you disagree or give a no support please explain why I am open to feedback.

My name is Gabriel, also known as wolf. I am from The Philippines and I love to play Minecraft . I like art and tech at school and enjoy drawing Your in-game name: MrWolfX
Age: 15
What timezone are you in? GMT 
What country do you live in? England, UK
What languages do you speak? English, Tagalog
Discord - Kisuke#9008
How often can you be online?
Weekdays- 1-3 hours
Weekends- 6-10 hours

Moderator has always been a huge ambition of mine, I love and am passionate to help people out. I crave the feeling of satisfaction when I do. I would love to be recognised for this. I tend to help out a lot in the community where I live I feel as though I would be an asset to the staff team and would stick to my role and hold it with responsibility and enthusiasm.

As a staff member I would always go out of my way to help others and due to life experiences I am a very caring person and am able to sympathise easily. I would love to be the person who people can rely on, turn to, can deal with Reports and help moderate. I am honest, trustworthy and would never go back on my word or lie for that matter. I am also innovative and would love and am eager to bring this and contribute my ideas to the staff team.

What makes me different from other applicants and unique

I am committed and focused and try my best in whatever I do, I never try to give in to something. I also have a driven mind which makes me hard-working and ambitious, Once I set my goal to something I will stop at nothing to motivate myself to achieve it and once I do I excel. I am also aware of all the duties and responsibilities that come along as I have observed and looked closely from previous/current helpers and have learnt from their ways. I am not afraid of failure as I think this a key factor of the experimental process that gets you to success. I also have great a self-esteem and confidence in myself which makes me willing to accept and relish challenges. I never try to let anything get to me as I have developed a thick skin which allows me just to ignore negative messages and not take it to heart or drag me down, I try to stay positive no matter what the situation is.

I also have experience with leadership skills as I was elected headboy at my school and I was a seconder and was promoted to sixer at my local scout group.
I was also part of a successful debate team we won regionals and then got to compete at Oxford. This tought me to respect other peoples views and to be more confident in myself which is important in the role of helper.

A few traits and advantages:

Responsible and mature
I know right and wrong and stick by it and as a staff member it would be my responsibility to make sure others do too. Once I get assigned a task I will make it my mission to succeed and do what is expected of me, and I will also always try to go the extra mile. I would love to take on the great responsibly of being helper. I would also take full responsibility of any of my actions not pointing the blame at anyone else as I am able to learn from my mistakes and apply them to my work from then onwards.

I respect everyone no matter who they are. I treat everybody with the same respect, I am also unbiased and would not single out or 'let off' anybody favouring particular individuals.

During my time here I have gained quite a knowledge of the community and server, and what it takes to become helper. I would be able to apply this knowledge when answering questions and dealing with situations. I am aware of the rules and would like to enforce them, I can do this accordingly. When something new is introduced to me I am able to pick it up quickly and get straight into it without any hassle or bother. I am also familiar with the helper commands:
/temp ban

I would not abuse my commands, I would use them to make the server a better place and take action for any wrong doings.

I can work professionally in a team and get along easily with others, I can also work efficiently on my own. I love to work and meet new people with no matter their ability. I think this is a great skill to have as a staff member when communicating with others and working on a staff team.

I feel this is a important trait to have as a staff member. Many people often describe me as thoughtful, I always hate to see people upset and vulnerable. I always show consideration and thought towards other peoples feelings and would not tolerate someone's experience on Minetime to be ruined by others as Minecraft is a great game when rules are followed. I am highly sensitive towards others feelings, I spare a thought for others and can put myself into their shoes and see how they feel. I never like to fallout with anybody and I avoid this as much as possible. I always to apply this trait in everything that I do on and off Minecraft as I was taught when growing up. I am also approachable and would be always open to answering any questions, I am friendly and easy to talk to.

I have the inability to break and abuse somebody's trust, It's just not who I am. To earn trust you have to be completely honest and not lie, I always know that telling the truth is better that telling a lie. I get a feeling I should never feel whenever I lie and it haunts over me, whenever someone tells me a secret I always keep it confidential and always stick to my word.

Quick thinking
I can act fast and on the spot and sort out the situation straight away and handle a tough situation correctly without causing any havoc and put a stop to it. I am also prepared for any situation and can act on the spot.

I do have a sense of humour and am a cheerful person. I am not just strict and serious, and would not be a staff member people should 'fear' or 'avoid'. I like to make people feel welcomed with a simple friendly !Hey <username> to make them feel at home, entertain people and cheer people up. I do like a joke around but I know where the line is drawn and can be mature when needed. </username>
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