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PewPieDie's Staff Application
Edited for playtime update and adding info.
over 2 years ago

Batco Staff Application
Correctly written application, the only real downside in my opinion is your answer to the timeplayed question, you dont answer the question itself, just delicately avoid it. 

Best of luck
over 2 years ago

staff apply
You should really put some more effort into your application. Its very short and very lacking in detail. 

Best of luck
over 2 years ago

PewPieDie' 2nd Staff Application

Your last staff application was shared: 5 Days Ago.

As said on the Guide, you can only apply every 15 Days.

That rule only applies to applications that have been denied. My previous one was never denied, i just got in to the final selection pool. Therefore i rewrote my application with updated playtime and added info. 

Thanks for you response
over 2 years ago

PewPieDie' 2nd Staff Application
This is my old application, re-written with updated playtime and additional information

What's your IGN: 

My IGN is PewPieDie

How old are you: 

I am currently 18 years of age

What is your discord username (with #ID): Twix#6411

How long have you been onzyrex? (do /timeplayed): 

3 Days and 14 hours, at least 24 hours active playtime

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: 

Im currently Member+

What's your timezone: 


What country are you from: Sweden

How often can you be online: 

Probably at least once a day.

Why do you want to be staff here?:

I want to become staff on Zyrex because i feel like i can really make an impact. The staff are very spread throughout the world meaning
that they are often not online at the same time. There are several times that i have played along with 20+ player and no staff and people
were just misbehaving like crazy.

My last application probably made me look like a staff hunter seeing as how i wrote it with 20 minutes of playtime. I hope that my current
playtime and #1 spot on /is top hopefully removes all your staff hunter thoughts. 

Most of all i want to become staff to help resolve all the disputes that i have witnessed during my playtime. I feel like i can make a 
meaningfull contribution to the server.

A quick summary would be that i have fallen in love with the community of Zyrex, people help and respect each other. I feel like i can 
contribute more than i currently do. 

What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves?:'

As i have witnessed other Moderators and Admins do. Being a Moderator is nothing short of a privilege, players respect you and you respect
the players. Staff duties come in many different forms. Either simply through playing and helping players with an occasional question. Or 
working on server events etc. But most importantly, staff mustn't be afraid to tell people off when they've misbehaved, and they must always
keep a good tone toward other players as well as staff members. 

If we get down to the basics of being a staff member, it involves:
Warning people
Muting people
Banning people
Keeping the chat clean

Extra information?:
I feel like i can contribute more to the server than other applicants. 

In the past i have owned and operated 3 servers, as well as helped manage probably like 5 more. This gives me lots of previous staff experience
and ways to communicate with players. my previous staff experience combined with my account age of 2790 ish days gives me an edge over other 
applicants who might be applying for their first staff position. 

I do go to school 5 days a week, but i manage very well to both study and play. 

I would also say that i am fairly known on the server. 

Thanks for reading
over 2 years ago