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PoppyMorningStar [Applying for Staff]
My IGN is : PoppyMorningStar

I am 17 years old almost turning 18 years old in 6 months

My Discord Name is : BersKillerPoppy#3021

I have been on this server for almost an hour and intend to keep playing

I do not have a rank

My Time zone is UTC +1

I'm from spain

i can be online almost 8 hours a day if i get up early that would increase to 13 hours

I want to be staff to help other players and play of course but still help the server and their players and maintaining things clean and cool

Being a moderator is important you moderate the server from other bad players, keep things clean and maintain order so everybody can enjoy a nice Minecraft Game

As i said im turning 18, im a cool guy i speak Portuguese, Spanish, And English i'm not a young kid i know life i play this game for fun as i play other's im a chill dude calm, And i'd like to be a staff member.. i really don't have much more to say, so i hope that if you read this you dont think bad of me and we could chill,

Thanks for reading, Bernardo
over 3 years ago