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Neymar11__JR Combatlog (exploit)

1. What's your In-Game name?: QueStrocy
(Your IGN)

2. What's the rulebreaker's In-Game name?: Neymar11__JR
(His/her IGN)

3. What rule did he/she broke?:  He Combatloggeed (Used an exploit)
(Rule that the person broke)

4. Screenshot(s)/Video(s) for evidence: (Sorry for the bad quality)

5. Any extra information?: 
(Extra information if needed.)

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QueStrocy's Staff application

Staff application 


What's your IGN: QueStrocy


How old are you: I’m 14 years old.


What is your discord username (with #ID): Epler#5776Epler


What is your /timeplayed?: I currently have 2d and 2h but I expect to have more in the future.


Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: I do not have a bought rank but I have Member +.


What's your timezone?: GMT+2


What country are you from?: I’m from Norway but I speak fluid English.


How often can you be online?

Monday = 3-5h

Tuesday = 2-3h

Wednesday = 2-3h

Thursday = 3-4h

Friday = 3-6h

Saturday = 4-8h

Sunday = 4-8h


Why do you want to be staff here?: One of the reasons that I want to become a staff member is for improvement and more responsibility.

I do not only want to apply for staff because of improving myself, but I would like to be staff because it makes me happy to see other players having fun and enjoying Zyrex.

I want to help the community grow and get bigger and see the server better itself.

For me, new players are very important to make Zyrex bigger and I want to help them become a part of the Xyrex community.

I want to make Zyrex more enjoyable so players will have a blast while they're playing on Zyrex.



What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves?: I think being a moderator on Zyrex involves a lot of skills from helping in the chat to cathing hackers.

Being a moderator on Zyrex also requires to know the server rules and commands.

A moderator on Zyrex is respective and never treat players different in fact, a moderator should be helpful and kind making friendships maintaining the players on Zyrex.

As a moderator on Zyrex, you need to be active and show that you are a worthy moderator,

When new players join you need to show that you professional if someone asks in chat about something you should take them seriously and not come up with a trolly answer.




Why should we pick you over other applicants?: You should pick me because I'm willing to help the server out and making Zyrex a very good community.

I have been staff on other servers so I know what a staff member should know.

I am always energetic and eager to learn new skills.

I will be as active as possible on the discord, forums and of curse the server.

I have good communication skills and I’m good at solving problems e.g Someone is arguing in chat first I will try to find out what the problem is and then try to solve it and later give them a mute because arguing is not allowed on Zyrex.

I feel that I could be a more helpful and fair staff member that could boost the community in positive ways than other potential applicants.​



Extra information?: I can record videos on the Zyrex to get more players.

I can record or take a screenshot to get proof when I ban or mute someone.

And I have been mod on several servers so I have some experience. about 10-20 players a day.

Mytherioen: 10-15 players a day.



Thank you for reading - QueStrocy

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