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SnapZach Staff Application

What's your IGN: SnapZach

How old are you: 14 turning 15 next month

What is your discord username (with #ID): SnapZach#8550

What is your /timeplayed?: 18 hours 46 minutes and 20 seconds

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: No but I plan to buy one soon :)

What's your timezone?: PDT

What country are you from?: North America

How often can you be online?: 60 - 65 hours a week

Why do you want to be staff here? First let me say I really enjoy the community that we have on Zyrex. I would like to be staff for many reasons. The main reason being that I think that someone who has played on your server for a period of time would be better than someone who was a staff member from the get go. When you have experience talking to staff / interacting with staff members as a player you learn what to do and not do within reason so you do not piss people off. My experience with the staff has been mostly been sub-par because of their judgement. I feel as though if I were to become a mod. I would not be so "1 sided," and not assume the worst in every situation, as I have experienced mods and admins have done in the past. I feel like I will be able to see things from the players perspective, which in the long run I feel will improve the interactions players have with lower-level staff members. Don't get me wrong. I have interacted with great staff members, For example, ChlckenNugget, and many more. I want to be able to do what they do and help people out. Several situations/experiences have motivated me to apply for staff. I don't want Moderator just to mess around with commands, or brag about my awesome prefix. I mean, sure being Moderator would be fun, but It's also quite a difficult job that I’ve learnt through past experience. The main reason I want to be a staff member is to be one of the reasons Zyrex grows, that may sound cocky, a long shot, too high of an expectation? I don’t think so, Zyrex requires staff that are experienced, incisive, intrepid, jubilant, and in all ways qualified to help the server grow, by doing the job that comes with being on the staff team. By doing my job but focusing more on Zyrex than any other server, I feel like I can be one of the reasons Zyrex goes along way.

What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves?
 I feel that being a moderator hero on Zyrex involves being intelligent, accepting, and vigilant. I know how everything works with staff commands and I know skyblock well, so I feel strongly that I can achieve success as staff here on Zyrex.

Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I believe you should choose me because although the other applicants have the same amount or even better skills than me I can contribute a lot of effort into making your server better. I could contribute to either building or even helping stop hackers. I am a fair player on Zyrex, if there was ever a conflict between two players I will hear both sides of the story and make a non-biased decision to make things right. I know that my decisions will not always make both sides of the conflict better, but I know how to deal with it well.

Extra information?: I am a JROTC cadet, and that has taught me discipline well. I also do wrestling, and I know that many challenges that come up are purely mental. I really hope you take my application into consideration. I really love Zyrex and I feel strongly that I can contribute to the staff team well. (also I don't know why but the text colors and sizes went a bit wonky :/ )

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