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crunchy pork belly or roasted pig
they're both so delicious. help me choose one
7 months ago

Very serious topic
Ham Cheese Sandwhich. I don't know why people put jelly with sandwhich bread. 
7 months ago

Media Application
Hello. I see you are applying for the rank of "YT". I have the answer to your question. Please contact (email, DM etc.) a staff member and they will give you the information you need to apply for YT. If you have any other questions, that also will go to a staff member. I hope I have helped you.
7 months ago

What Farms/Grinder to make?
Yeah, make an ore gen farm. You can make 5mil a day by getting lvl 3 on like 10 ore generators. If you want, we can play some time and I can help you make one.
7 months ago

SpeedColor's Staff Application
Forgot to mention in what does being a Moderator requires. It also requires maturity, which means not fooling around and being professional.
7 months ago