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Moderator on the server

My ign is SxyVerux.

My discord is Mullah Krekar ♥#9347.

I am 14 Years old (2005).

My timeplayed is 6.45 hours.

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Central European Summer Time.

  Im from Norway.

Anywhere from 2-6 hours a day.

I want to be staff here bacause i want to help the server and have something to do in my spear time.

Banning hackers. Give players advise. Help the server and keep the players and get more players.

You should pick me bacuse i am a experienced staff, i know alot about the hacking, and i am a very positive person that can help other.

I was a hacker my self 3 years ago but after i got moderator it helped alot and since then i have been a staff on multiple servers in 3 years.

with best regards SxyVerux 
over 2 years ago