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Staff Application

What's your IGN: TMG_Kodex


How old are you: 14


What is your discord username (with #ID): 



What is your /timeplayed?:

6 hr 10min


Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?:

Member+ from free rank lol

What's your timezone?:

CST (Central USA)


What country are you from?:

United States


How often can you be online?:

2-3 hours a day


Why do you want to be staff here?:

Helping others on servers is fun and feels rewarding in a weird way. It’s just also nice to feel important and looked up to. This is a server that I put good time into. I had fun the whole time. I come and hang out with my friends here and we just mess around on our island. Being staff would just add to that.

What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves?:

Helping people with random problems, stopping people from hacking, muting spammers after several warnings, etc. Overall  just keeping the server positive and child friendly (for the most part) simple reminders for people doing dumb things. I know people like the server and we can try and keep it the way they Like it.


Why should we pick you over other applicants?: 

I have been staff on several servers, I have been Developer, Co Owner, Admin, Head-Admin. The reason I am not on those servers anymore is they are shutdown and aren’t paid for anymore so they aren’t up. 


Extra information?:

I am good with servers. I know my way around a console and stuff. I had been a dev and I was good at it. I would like to be Dev or Manager at some point. Essentials is good but I don’t like it. I also think staff manager would be a good addition. 

over 2 years ago