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TinySlime application

What's your IGN: TinySlime


How old are you: I am (as of the time of this application)



What is your discord username (with #ID):



What is your /timeplayed?: 

Just over 14 hours played


Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: 

I currently do not but I have been debating wether to buy VIP for a while now and I may do that soon.


What's your timezone?:

BST (British standard time).


What country are you from?: 

I am from England.


How often can you be online?:

I can offer at minimum 20 hours to the server each week.


Why do you want to be staff here?:

There's various reasons I'd love to become staff; not just so I can ban hackers, spammers and other sorts of rule by-passers; but so I can show the community love and respect. It can't just be me; everyone here has to get upset when they come across a hacker, spammer or chest scammer. It can be whatever! Even when staff aren't online. But we can't just accuse without any proof. Even as staff member, you should record hackers so if you get questioned-you have proof. Message spamming, screenshot. Chest-scam, screenshot. Anything that relates! As a staff member, I'd take care of this quicker; and have proof in the other hand. It gets so frustrating when no staff are on and nothing is done! I realized times that I'm normally on; I really haven't seen staff. (5-8 am my time; and some other times.) Then all I have to do is report; then it's not taken care of fast enough-staff can't see for their own. Either way-I'd love to take a-hold of this issue across the server; I've bet other staff members have tried-and of course it's hard to be on all the time; but atleast theres staff, right?



What do you think being a Moderator on Zyrex involves?:

Taking care of the rule-breakers. Keep the community peaceful. Making sure people aren't harmed. For yourself; be peaceful and kind-hearted. Don't let rule-breakers break the rules constantly and then get away with it. These are a few things we see in staff; that they're actually taking their job to heart; taking it seriously. That's one thing I love to see in staff. Just because it's a game, you shouldn't just act like your job isn't serious. It is serious!


Why should we pick you over other applicants?:

I should be picked over other applicants because of my strenths; Many others have told me that I am an incredibly dedicated and patient person, even through the most tedious of chores. When I am up to the task, which is often, I can sit for hours upon countless hours working on the finest of all details; and I will not finish until I am satisfied with the final result. I am always at ease, calm and relaxed, and can keep a cool head in heated arguments and quarrels between people. It is often that, if you see an argument between two people and one of them is absolutely raging while the other is laughing their ass off, the person laughing is probably me. I've been told that I have a pretty good "gut feeling" about things and have an odd sense for the way people and their emotions work. At times, I just trust my mind and body to know what to do, and all things flow well from there. For as long as I can remember I have been a bookworm, and since grammar is my forte, I am a fairly fast reader, and a somewhat quick type-r. I read at least once every day and cannot stand being someplace without my book to read. For about two to three years now I have dabbled here and there in knowledge about computers, and know the basics about PCs. I've slowly upgraded my own PC over the years, tailored to fit my liking and at the moment it's everything I could ask for in a gaming computer.


Extra information?: Please keep in mind I am still in enducation so will be unable to answer during them hours, they are 7am - 4:30pm  BST.


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