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Staff Application
I am Uselesspotatoes I am 16 years of age turning 17
  My discord user is Uselesspotatoes#4800
I havnt been on for that long (25 mins to be exact)
my rank is Member+ 

My time zone is Mountian stantard time   

I am from Canada

I can be online at the times given below 
Sunday - 1PM-10PM
Monday - 5PM-11PM
Tuesday - 5PM- 11PM
Wednesday - 5PM-11PM
Thursday - 4PM-11PM
Friday - 5PM-3-4AM
Saturday - 1PM - 3-4AM
All this depends on school

I want to be staff here because I like to help out on servers. I want to make sure that if someone is hacking and/or exploiting that they can be delt with asap. I want to be the person who helps the server grow and become free of hackers/exploiters. I dont like hackers and really hope I can help out on stopping them.

I believe it involves finding and stopping hackers and/or exploiters. I also believe that it means knowing the server so that I can help the members on the server if they have a question about the server. It also means that I have to be up and ready for the day to stop hackers and help members and be there when other staff need me. I believe that being a mod comes with great responsability and abusing the powers of moderator+ can come with ban or worse.

I dont know if the time I gave to you is 100% true because im in high school and I might get home work or have to study for tests/exams. I will try to be online for as long as possable like its a work place and I work there. (So no "sick days" or atleast very very little "sick days") Thank you and I hope you consider my application and I hope you have a great day.

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