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Helper Application By:_Randyy
What's your IGN:  _Randyy.

How old are you: 14.

What is your discord username (with #ID): _Randyy#2832.

How long have you been onzyrex
? (do /timeplayed): About 2 Days I Go.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: None.

What's your timezone: GMT+8.

What country are you from: Philippines.

How often can you be online: 1-5 Hours a day.

Why do you want to be staff here?: I want to help the server and Support It I Can Advertise It On My Youtube Channel.

What do you think being a Moderator onzyrex
 involves?: It probably involves being very busy. And I can handle everything that is needed to because i love this server even i played it 2 days ago!.

Extra information?: Nope. Thank You For Your Time.           -_Randyy
over 3 years ago