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Staff Application - "_gp"
Well instead  you can tell me where and what to improve.
over 2 years ago

Bonjour! Im _gp, you can call me Doody though... whatever floats your boat i guess ;)
I'm a 14 year old irrelevant kid from Kuwait.
I've been gaming since i was 5 years old and i really love meeting new people to game and chat with.

Games I enjoy:
-Rainbow Six Siege

I love to meet and help people.
I really enjoy gaming
I like to do lots of different sports

Thanks for reading this...
I hope to see your beautiful faces on the server!

(PS: Special thanks to Blamelesss, lowkey stole a few ideas ;))

over 2 years ago

Staff Application - "_gp"
Also you have replied "-1" on 5 staff applications so....
over 2 years ago

Staff Application - "_gp"
First off its been a few days since the server was on and i already have 10h on the server, second off i haven't played in the past few days because of personal family issues...
over 2 years ago