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Staff Application!
Thank you my great sir!
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Staff Application!

What's your IGN:  b0gm.

How old are you: I am 14 years old, 15 in november!

What is your discord username (with #ID): kev#3051.

How long have you been on
zyrex? (do /timeplayed): Around 10 minutes, looking forward to play more!

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: I do not.

What's your timezone: My timezone is CET! (Central Europe Time)

What country are you from: Sweden.

How often can you be online: I can be online around 3-6 hours a day! More on weekends.

Why do you want to be staff here?: I want to be a staff here on Zyrex because of the awesome community! I have only been playing a minimum of time and I am already happy and I feel like this is a well developed server with great players and staff and I really want to make it even better! I want to help the players on Zyrex and make sure they have an awesome minecraft experience while on the server! I will only provide positivity and I will make sure to take away all the negativity, I will also make sure to follow all the staff rules and I will always record or take a print screen/screenshot while I punish any player on the Zyrex network. I will simply make sure everyone has an happy and good experience! I will make sure to be as a active as I can and I will always try my hardest to make the server going good and smoothly, I also have much experience since I have been staff on some other Minecraft servers. I also have some strenghts and weaknesses! My strenghts are that I am active, I have good patience and I am also very family friendly, I also am a fast typer etc. My weaknesses is, I don't really know but one thing has to be clear! I won't be able to be active on saturdays or wednesdays because of my table tennins lessons! I will still be a little bit on the server! :D

What do you think being a Moderator on
zyrex involves?: I think being a moderator involves a lot of work! The staff always have to work hard and make sure the players are safe from the hackers or griefers! I also think being active on the discord and forum is involved to keep everything going smoothly!

Extra information?: I do not think so! Have a great day and make sure to leave your feedback of what you think of this application, goodbye.
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