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Server Suggestion - Economy

I reread it after and I got confused. 

Basically, I think farming and grinders should be more balanced since once you get an oregen your set. I just think that the farming section of the shop needs an update since you can't even sell pumpkin or anything so yEah let me know your thoughts. lol
over 2 years ago

Server Suggestion - Economy
Okay, so I know this is a very controversial topic but whatever it's fine, hopefully.

I feel like the whole server is based around grinders and spawners. I think it should be more balanced with farming since honestly, farming is harder and takes more time I think prices are way to cheap, for some of the items. I think cactus is perfect maybe could be boosted to 150 or 175. Those are my thoughts comment down below what you think. I am mainly focusing on melon and you can't even sell pumpkin. I have a huge ass melon farm and a whole double chest of it is worth 6.5kish.
over 2 years ago