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hamburgerrr's Staff Application
What's your IGN: hamburgerrr

How old are you: I am 14 years old.

What is your discord username (with #ID): gOwOrge#9259

How long have you been on 
zyrex? (do /timeplayed): I have 3 days of playtime but i have been playing for a long time.In fact weeks.

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: No, I do not have a rank.

What's your timezone: UTC.

What country are you from: Greece.

How often can you be online: I can be online 3 times each week for atleast 3 hours.

Why do you want to be staff here?: This is the second time applying here.I didn't have enough knowledge to become a staff member and was completely new to a lot of players. Once i got denied I started interacting with players and befriended most of them.I am determined to become a staff member here so that I can help out with various problems that the network has.In fact, the server needs staff members of all timezones.Another point is that I want to bring justice to the network.In fact the network It self has many bots that usually spam the chat or just gets attacked by them.People just join the server while everyone is AFK.I am usually the only person who says welcome in my timezone cause most people on the server are just Alts or just AFK.I could help out and be really handy for players that are new to the server and have questions such as:"What is this server about" "How do i start my own island" "How do i get money?" etc.I strongly believe I could help out with all of that and would be a good advantage to the server.Most of the staff members know me and I usually either play with them in my island or just ask for help.I mess around with them but if I ever do something bad or just over do It with a joke I try to fix it.My first application was a mess and would like to apologize to Jmekta for some of my mean comments as I took it personal for no reason.As I went on playing on the server I found out that the staff are pretty chill.Of course my goal is to get accepted and become a member of the zyrex staff team and do my best on helping new members and possibly other staff members.I am determined to get accepted as I mentioned before and help the server as much as possible on all of It's weak points and also help fixing them.

What do you think being a Moderator on
zyrex involves?: It involves you being patient in certain situations,help players as much as possible in order to be nice to you and create a friendly bond between players and be as professional as possible.The server mostly cares about It's staff being professional,helpful and nice to other players so that they suggest the server to friends and many more people.

Extra information?: I personally believe that the server could improve a lot of things and i would LOVE to be in there and help on improving several things! Replies on the application and feedback helps out a lot!
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Name Change
Hello everyone!
You may know me as gOwOrge but i recently changed my name to hamburgerrr.This is just an update and it is kind of rushed ngl
over 2 years ago

Njwf1 improved application
This application is better than the old one but there are still some grammar mistakes but its a +1 from me
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