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kylebur Staff Application!


Discord Tag:KyleBur#1699

How long have you played: Not long now I have played a little bit but nothing major, I can contribute alot of time possibly if needed!

Do you have a rank: No I do not sadly but I have thought about purchasing! 

Timezone: GMT


Hours you can contribute weekly:40hours a week

Why do you want to be staff? I think you should accept me because I have so much experience with staffing! I was staff on 'Exotic PvP' where I was Head Admin therefor I was high and well known in the community my reason for leaving was none the server unfortunately shut down after working with a good community of people.
     I was also run my own server that goes by the name of 'Hydron PvP' It's a custom coded server coded by myself, It's a HCF duping server with lots of plugins (60+) It's an amazing community of staff and I provide good experience for my staff as well as players and I aspire to get Admin or Head Admin eventually on this server so that I can also help other a lot more also staff!
     I was staff on Archer PvP for a period of time as Helper and it's a big server so it's harder to get promoted and staff on but unfortunately it has died slowly over the weeks but also it was a toxic community hopefully I can get away from that environment on this server!
     I was most recently staff on VapeHQ that sadly I did resign from due to the fact that the owner got so toxic I couldn't handle it therefor my resignation but I did get some experience with screen sharing there because it was a practice server so I needed to be able to ss! I was Admin with OP perms so I was very high up in a low amount of time! I also welcome all the new players on the server and am very kind towards them, I also want to be a big part of a good community of people once again!

What do you think being a mod involves: I think being a moderator on a server involves a lot of time dedacated and that is something that I have alot of! Also it means not abusing your power and helping others and not being rude and inconcderate. But more than anything else a moderator should be banning hackers muting players and helping out in general in the community. It also involves being nice to everyone and being an all round good staff member!

Extra Info: Nothing really exept I'm bilingual so I can speak English,Welsh, Most French, some Spanish and a bit of Chinease or Mandarin!
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