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Letog's Staff Application

What's your IGN: Letog

How old are you: I'm Currently 15 years Old

What is your discord username (with #ID): 

What is your /timeplayed?: My Time Played is currently At 2 days and 3Hours!

Do you have a rank? If you do, What is it?: Yes, I Do have a rank which is VIP!

What's your timezone?: I Currently Live in Dubai so my timezone is (GMT+4)

What country are you from?: I Live in the United Arab Emirates 

How often can you be online?: I Could Provide 5-6 Hours a day on the normal days But I could do more which is up to 9+ hours a day on the weekends

Why do you want to be staff here?:
I Would like to be a staff member on the Zyrex community for many reasons I think that I'm a great fit for the staff team I also think that I could contribute a lot to it because of the experiences I've had being a staff member on other servers which are mostly Skyblock and Factions. I also do think that my timezone makes a difference to a lot of the new coming players which I could help because not many staff members are online when I am. I also would like to make all the players have a good time on the server by Helping them, Interacting with them as well as making friendships with them! I Am also Able to take Screenshots And Able to record Video evidence before Punishing anybody on the server. I also think that I would be a great addition to the staff team since there aren't many staff members around the server! I'm Also Honest and Will always be Loyal to the staff team, It would also be a new Chapter or Experience for me since Zyrex isn't like any other server with a small database Of players I think that the zyrex community has a lot to offer to the newcomers and more to the current players  and I would love to contribute with that! I Would also take being a Staff member on the Zyrex community as a job that I must be hardworking at to achieve new goals and get more experience I am Not like any player I would like to prove my self and be the best at what I do while also having fun doing it! and I do think that Zyrex is one Unique and A Fun Community to be around with  And lastly I would like to say that I'm really friendly and I like having fun with people as well as I am optimistic

What do you think being a Moderator on zyrex involves?:
I think being a moderator on any servers involves around a lot of things A Moderator should be respectful honest to others and could also be able to Make the server clear from hackers as well as finding glitches so that nobody has an unfair advantage over the other I also think that a moderator has to make zyrex a better experience for the all the players by helping and interacting with them A Moderator should also have fun doing his duty so that way its better

Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I think that I could provide a lot to the Zyrex Community as all by helping players and finding bugs I also think that my timezone makes a difference so that way I could help more people! And I also will take my position very professionally I Am also a very hard working person as well as I am Honest and Loyal 

Extra information?: 
 Communications- I do have Teamspeak and discord and skype and I am able to use any other communication services
I Have also applied 6 Months ago but I haven't been active since then so I have deleted the application and made this one! The reason that I haven't been active is that I was working to try to get my self a new computer! I Also Didn't have internet at the time
I Have used Grammarly For this Application! 

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Letog's Staff application
Any Feedback is highly appreciated! 
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java_displayed last time for staff? no copy XD MOD
Adding More detail and info would have gotten you a higher chance of getting accepted! 
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Strawberr_y's Staff Application
Adding some more details would make you have a better chance! 
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